Feedback HELP - Importing extra data for Dead or Alive Dimensions DLC costumes


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Mar 3, 2015
I have been struggling with this for more than a day now and I need some help.
I found and downloaded the Dead Or Alive Dimensions Spotpass DLC costumes and I tried installing them to no avail.
Here is what I have tried so far:
  • I have StreetPass and the "Costumes" option enabled in the game's Options menu.
  • I have played the game and have extra data and a save file created
  • I have tried using JKSM and Checkpoint to restore the extra data (first backing up my extra data and then restoring it using both applications)
  • I have tried deleting and recreating new extra data before trying to import the DLC (once for Checkpoint and once for JKSM)
When I go into the System Menu's Extra Data section it shows that there is Extra data for that title more than just a few blocks (150+ blocks) and when I check the files on my SD Card in:

Drive Letter:\Nintendo 3DS\Unique Number\Unique Number\extdata\00000000\0000038a\00000000 it shows 70 files total (68 costume files and 2 other ones which I saw most other Software listed with extra data have) The number of costume files matches the number from the archive I downloaded. When I try to restore the DLC using both mentioned applications I get no errors and it tells me that everything went smoothly. I checked the Extra data section of the game in FBI and it lists them there as well. But when I launch the game I get no notification that new costumes have been added and when I check in the character selection screen no DLC costumes appear there what so ever.

I know that I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to figure it out.

Some helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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