help getting smash to work in loadiine (I did read all stickies and do have other backups working)

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    So anyway I'm new to this scene and with the leak of the 5.5.1 exploit and a new nintendo console on the horizon I decided it was time to see whats up with the wii u. I have a 32 gb model running 5.5.1 using a self hosted payload and everything generally works fine. I have NEW-NUSGrabberGUI to download updates and uwizard to unpack .wud files.

    I have unpacked and updated other games and gotten them working just fine but for whatever reason I cannot get smash to work. So I downloaded a version and unpacked the .wud and tried just the unupdated game. It goes to a black screen and does not load. So I updated the game with NUSGrabber and copied all the files over, overwriting some of the old files. I still cannot get this to work. It just freezes at a black screen.

    Right now my smash folder contains:

    total size 13.6 gb.

    Can anyone help me get this working? I'd love to get into the modding I see people talking about all over this forum but I unfortunately can't even get the regular game to work. I have tried a few different downloads, none of which have worked, and at 13 gb per download with so much extracting and file transferring, each attempt takes forever and it is getting really tiresome.
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    You cant play in miimaker mode on SSBB if you're using latest update.