Help!, Burning ISO's can't get a good answer!

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    I am using a HP Pavilion Slimline s3720y. First of all, CAN I burn a wii iso file directly from the computer or do I need a certain type of DVD drive like the LG-8164b? I know how to use brick blocker and regionfrii if the game (torrent) I have downloaded is from elsewhere.... NTSC-j, PAL etc. I am using a NTSC-US version of the wii. Also, in order to actually use the games I am downloading for my wii do I need a mod chip to even be able to play these games at all. OR Can I just burn them onto a verbatim CD+R disk which is what i am using, from my DVD drive and then be able to play them in my WII? Any comments would help me out and be much appreciated! Sorry im posting in the wrong place probably but could use the answers.....
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    You need a way to run burned games first of all, second you have to burn them into DVD's not CD's, if you use a ModChip you can burn them into +/- without any trouble, if you use softmod you have to burn them in -R, or change the book type in the burning software to DVD-ROM and use +R, if you use software (Gamma Launcher) you don't even need regionfrii'd them nor BrickBlock them, the launcher byppasses the update partition and you can force them into any video mode you want, and the Gamma Launcher needs a cIOS but you have to go for more information to wii hacking section and bring your armor and helmet and prepare yourself for some serious flamming [​IMG] JK read the stickies over there and you'll be fine.....!!! [​IMG]