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    Hi, I'm RolfXCIV and I'm 20 years-old. I own a PS2 slim 9000, a PSP slim 3000, and a Wii, with a few games for each. My first console was a PSone in 2002, in which I played a ton of Disney, Harry Potter, sports and racing games. With the PS2 Slim the sports and racing continued, but with the demos and the gaming magazines I've started to make more informed buys. I've had a PS3 and an Xbox 360 S with tons of games, but I've sold them to pay some things and save the rest. After not gaming for a few years, I've picked my remaining consoles; I was thinking of selling the PSP, but after trying it to see which games were working I changed my mind. I'm currently playing Dissidia Final Fantasy intersected with Lumines, and they're great games. Sadly my PS2 and Wii controllers are broken for not being used for so long, and perhaps because I've moved a lot in these few years, but I'm soon buying new controllers. My favourites from before were Shadow of the Colossus and Super Mario Galaxy. My other hobbies are watching films, reading and jogging.
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    Welcome to the temp and enjoy your stay!
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    Welcome to the temp. Have fun :)
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