Health and Warning remnants

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    Interesting... I have never found this problem before on my DS Lite.

    Anyway, eons ago (a year, maybe) I had flashed it flawlessly with FlashMe. I use an iTouchDS for my flashcart, and a 3in1+ in slot2. It would always turn on fine, boot up... everything was flawless (except my borked touchscreen. malfunctioning mechanically).

    Anyway, I just replaced the shell and touchscreen on the ds. Without a card in, the health and warning screen is gone. However, now, with the flashcart in, the health and warning screen flashes for about a quarter of a second, then proceeds to boot the card.

    Any idea why this would change all of a sudden? The only thing I can think is if having the battery out for hours while replacing the shell changed something... but that wouldnt write to the ROM of the DS... anyway, this isnt a problem, more of just a curiosity. Time to upgrade the iTouchDS FW anyway.

    Edit - just re-FlashMe'd, still happens

    Edit2 - Odd... after an iTouchDS firmware update it isnt happening... but it still never used to happen with the old firmware... my brothers card running the same firmware did the same thing O_O