Having issues backing up DS games

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    Dec 24, 2014
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    I got a DSTwo Plus recently and wanted to backup all of my old DS games in order to have them all on a single cart, but haven't gotten anything to work yet. I have an EZFlash 3in1 from a long time ago that I'm using to try and help with the backup.

    I've currently tried Wooddumper Slot 2 and NDS Backup Tool 3in1. The NDS Backup Tool does not recognize the slot 2 card and closes instantly. Wooddumper appears to have the same problem, although I am not sure if I am reading the log messages correctly.

    One thing I just noticed that might be the cause of the problems is with the slot 2 card. If I select the GBA slot at system start-up on my DS Lite, it boots the patched Mother 3 ROM in English. I remember setting this up a long time ago, but I guess I don't really remember how I got it in place. Could it be that the system can't recognize the slot 2 card for the backup programs because there's already data on the card in the form of the Mother 3 ROM? And if that's the issue, how exactly do I get that data off of the card?