Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Translation Patch

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    About This Patch
    This patch is a revival of an old patch from 2009 originally made by Rolen47. Wanting to see the translation complete, and unable to contact the original patch creator, I took it upon myself to finish what had been started. I started working back in 2013, and released my first patch in June of 2014. Since then, I have translated virtually all of the game, songs included.
    About Project DIVA
    See Here
    Patch Status
    Current Version: v0.9

    To Do:
    • Translate the Visual Library
    • Translate the credits (may not be possible due to space limitations)
    • Port the entirety of the patch to the divapatch plugin
    • Translate the game's 2 DLC packs
    Download + More Information
    To download this patch and/or read more about it, visit the patch's page on the Project DIVA Wiki.
    Note: Screenshots do not necessarily the current state of the patch and may vary from the final product.
    pd1st_freeplay.jpg ULJM05472_00026.jpg pd1st_rge.jpg pd1st_gallery.jpg ULJM05472_00005.jpg ULJM05472_00006.jpg ULJM05472_00010.jpg ULJM05472_00017.jpg ULJM05472_00018.jpg ULJM05472_00022.jpg ULJM05472_00024.jpg ULJM05472_00025.jpg ULJM05472_00027.jpg pic_0009.png pic_0002.png pic_0008.png
    Any feedback or questions are welcome. I'd love to know what you all think!
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    Amazing well done ill check this out
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    just one question. there will be a patch with romanji lyrics or there will be only in english like the preview images?? I prefer lyrics to be singable.
    regardless of that, awesome work!!! :yaypsp:
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    When I originally took over this patch, there was a Romaji lyrics optional patch. That said, it was full of typos, and overall pretty "meh." The game also has a 40 character limit per line of lyrics, making Romaji lyrics impossible in many instances. As such, I did away with it, as it did not reflect the profession image I aimed to achieve with this project.

    For example, due to the lack of space, this line:
    "watashi no hitokoto ni wa mittsu no kotoba de henjisuru koto"

    Had to be shrunk to this:

    Not only did the words have to be smooshed together, but even doing that still didn't allow for all of the lyrics to be displayed. This 40 character limit is hard-coded, so hacking it to be longer is pretty much out of the question. While I considered keeping the Romaji patch, I ultimately scrapped it in favor of the more professional-looking English lyrics.

    That said, since I've ported all of the song lyrics to the divapatch plugin, I suppose it would be much easier for me to redo the Romaji lyrics, though they would still be cut off. If I end up doing this, I would release this as an optional patch, with the English lyrics as the default, but Romaji available by replacing a single file. It's not completely ruled out, but it would take quite a bit of time to go through and redo all of the lyrics, update the files, etc.

    Thanks for your input, it really means a lot.
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