Has anyone gotten chromecast ultra?

Discussion in 'Android' started by Sonic Angel Knight, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Google has now made a new model of the chromecast device. For people who don't know, chromecast is a device that you plug into your televisons hdmi slot to enhance your tv, basically it probably the "Smart tv enabler" It allows you to use smartphones to control it or display it by mirror device screen itself on to it. The main use of it is to display content from smart phones like pictures for slide show viewing, listen to music, or watch videos from popular sources like youtube, hulu, netflix, amazon, etc. You can even play some games on it. As long as the app you have supports it, that is.

    There is already a few models out, the basic one which has 1080P video support and 2.4GHZ B/G.N wifi, and one with 5GHZ AC wifi, there is also chromecast audio just for sound and music, but the latest one is now the CHrome cast ultra. This one according to the site has support for 4K Ultra HD display, HDR (High dynamic Range) Which is supposed to improve video quality if your tv supports it. If anyone knows anything about the playstation 4 pro, then you should be familiar with these terms. It also has faster processor for faster loading times, and comes with ethernet adaptor support for wired connections if you want over the 2.4GHZ/5GHZ wifi support. Is priced at $70 currently, while the others are only as low as $25


    If anyone has this yet, can you please leave some comments on how it is compared to others in the series or least your own expectations or if you plan to get one or something. I don't really have a 4K Ultra HD TV or HDR support, so i wouldn't know, but it does say it makes picture quality on any tv look better. I have a Nvidia shield tv with 4K support but my monitor detects the device displays output at 720P even though it supports 1080P Displays which is weird. But never mind that, any comments?
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