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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by onedummy, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. onedummy

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    Jan 27, 2016
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    Hello. I've been playing Wii backups from an external hard drive for quite a while with no issues. Recently the WII stopped recognizing my external hard drive. When I connect my external hard drive to my desktop computer, I'm able to access the hard drive via Wii backup manager and see all of my backups on the drive. I formatted a usb stick and transferred one of my backups to the stick and it reads and works fine on my Wii. Any ideas or suggestions as to why my external hard drive would suddenly stop being recognized by my Wii and a newly formatted usb stick works fine?

    Thank you for any and all suggestions to get my external hard drive working again with my Wii.
  2. Subscriber0101

    Subscriber0101 GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 9, 2015
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    Can't promise results, but this is worth a shot...

    Are you just using Windows Formatter? Try out (it will work with USB Sticks) SDFormatter. On more than one occasion, an SD Card/USB Stick of mine that wouldn't have it's' problems fixed with Windows Format would work perfectly after using SDFormatter.

    Thank god I saw that gbatemp post from 2009 that pointed me to the program.
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