Hard Drive Enclosure Compatibility Issues [intermittent]

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Dr Eggman, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Hey everyone,

    Long story short, I took my old laptop hard drive out, and formatted it to use with USB loaders. It's a 320GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue, connected via IDE (PATA), to some chinese enclosure I had lying around years ago. It identifies to the computer as "Super 2.0 IDE Device" something like that, lol.

    Currently the hard drive is set up into 2 partitions - 1 FAT32 and then 1 NTFS for data. Now, the problem is, I cannot get my USB loaders to read any data. I do know it IS readable on the Wii because I can launch apps from HBC from the USB, and in addition, WiiXplorer is able to see ALL the data on both of the partitions. I don't know what is wrong. Dios Mios Booter sees the games, but when trying to launch, only leaves a black screen.

    Running d2x v10r52 base 56 on IOS249, d2x v10 r52 base 57 on IOS250 (Just Dance 2014 compatibility)

    I wouldn't like to buy a new enclosure, in case it doesn't work, so does anyone know an enclosure that will? Thanks.