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    Jun 16, 2016
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    Before people kill me and say it is or isn't. Please do know that I'm mostly from the Nintendo side of hacking (or pay attention to that side) so I'm extremely moronic to how the xbox side of things and how it works. So I'll pose the question is it possible at all to hack a xbox 360 using a exploit within the backwards compatibility/emulator inside the xbox 360. In theory, (SPECULATION) if there is a save exploitable xbox game, in theory we could take advantage of that save exploit, and then abuse that save exploit to exploit the emulator itself. Now course, that would have to mean that the system has been hacked already to create said save exploit. However! wouldn't (i'm assuming this) that also mean that it's copy-able. I'm assuming microsoft doesn't necessarily check the data inside a save file. Just more if it's signed properly...

    (I'm probably a moron for asking a nearly 13 year old community this. But worth asking I guess. And I'm also assuming that the emulation side of the Xbox 360 is much different than the normal side. If it's more like a app and all processes still run under the hood like normal, then obviously this will not work)
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    Oct 11, 2011
    It's not possible.

    Everything inside the 360 is hashed and checked.
    Besides, MS knew the original Xbox had game exploits so they made sure no one could probe the system.
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