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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mewcuss, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. mewcuss

    mewcuss GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 5, 2008
    I! . . . Hello tempers. . . . I'm back!!!!!

    I've never introduced myself on this site before even though I've posted a few (troll) comments every once in a while.
    BUT I now have a regular internet connection and so I decided that a 'proper' introduction was in order.
    BUT . . . . I'm a lazy slacker and also mentally insane so it's probably not gonna happen (we'll see!). Anyways . . .

    I'm a 30 something nerd who loves playing games (card games,backgammon,chess,scrabble and a lot of video games)
    I also like watching sport/films/cartoons, listening to music and other things!!
    I'm from England and I love my country but I don't like the way it's becoming (socially, politically or economically : too many knobheads for my liking).
    I was once a club/pub DJ and a yoof worker but I decided to make a career change and took up slacking (professionally) and I haven't looked back (or forwards but that's mainly because I'm blind!!). I was going to be a professional smoker but Imperial Tobacco wouldn't employ me.
    I also find the time to play Yu Gai Oh (amongst other games too numerous to mention or recall) on my DSi (or Guitar Hero on my PS2) whilst I'm not busy slacking or playing poker.

    I could rant on more but I won't (my typing skills are wearing off!) so I'll leave you with the brief(ish) introduction, expect for one more thing . . .

    I also have a troll account (mucus) which I use on these forums when I'm whacked on crack. If I post under mucus just ignore my babble because I will probably be blitzed out of my mind typing everything that just pops into my head.

    Anything else? Just ask unless it's about crack, mucus or talking bulls**t 'cus I don't know much about any of these subjects.

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