Guide to stopping spindown on Freeagent GO Hard Drives

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    For Windows Users:
    Required OS: XP or Higher
    FreeAgent Go (or Pro) Software Download
    FreeAgent Desktop Software Download
    Sea Tools
    This Guide is using the 'FreeAgent Go (or Pro) Software Download' choice.

    To Fix The Spindown Problem
    Download and install the software, then plug in your hard drive. Click the "My Drives" Tab then at the bottom select "Settings". You should see


    Click adjust power settings


    change the 15 minutes to Never and hit apply.
    It shouldnt turn off anymore.

    Mac Users (untested)
    To Edit the spindown time in Mac OS X
    go to terminal
    type in:
    pmset -a spindown 30
    then you will be asked for admin's password than your good to go!
    (Credits to zackk89 from seagate forums for this one)

    Ubuntu Users (Advanced Users Only!!)
    first off open a terminal
    next your going to use
    sudo apt-get install sdparm
    sudo sdparm -a /dev/sdX
    replace X with whatever your drive letter is

    it should output a bunch of txt describing your drive

    mine was
    /dev/sde: Seagate FreeAgent GO 250
    Power condition mode page:
    IDLE 0 [cha: n, def: 0, sav: 0]
    STANDBY 1 [cha: n, def: 1, sav: 1]
    ICT 0 [cha: n, def: 0, sav: 0]
    SCT 9000 [cha: n, def:9000, sav: 9000]
    now youll want to use

    sudo sdparm --command=start /dev/sde
    sudo sdparm --clear STANDBY -6 /dev/sde
    sudo sdparm -a /dev/sde
    and your output should become

    /dev/sdX: Seagate FreeAgent yourmodelhere
    Power condition mode page:
    IDLE 0 [cha: n, def: 0, sav: 0]
    STANDBY 0 [cha: n, def: 1, sav: 0]
    ICT 0 [cha: n, def: 0, sav: 0]
    SCT 0 [cha: n, def:9000, sav: 0]
    now it should work

    Good luck [​IMG] and let me know if any of this doesnt work ill be sure to fix it [​IMG]

    I am not responsible for anyone messing up there computer/hard drive/ etc. due to use of this guide. It is the users responsibility should anything go wrong. Again, don't whine if you mess up, this is just a guideline, don't blame me if your hard drive blows up and kills your dog.
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    Thanks for the info!

    I have one question though would this work for an Internal Seagate HDD in an enclouser?

    Thank You Very Much!
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    Thank you for this! Was playing some Wii/PS3 backups and would get games locking up or systems locking and rebooting.