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    Dec 18, 2008
    Hello everyone... I've been looking for a lot of time for a collection of libraries for GUI functions in the DS that use libnds (and NO PAlib) however I couldn't find any. I could find only one that seemed nice but it needed PAlib and I don't have that (and I refuse to use it XD ).

    Now.. I felt the need of an (obvious) Graphic User Interface for my game in development and I didn't know what to do/how to do it... So I decided to go and try to code one myself.

    I know it's not easy (at least for me) since I don't have much experience with C/C++ stuff since even though I've been studying it by myself for 2 years now, I've always done only Java at school so I'm trying to make a GUI similar to the one in Java (which I think is the only good thing there is in Java... I absolutely hate the language >._>). I just wanted to know if other elements are needed for the GUI of a videogame... I was thinking maybe radio/check buttons but that's not really fundamental for a game to work... Any suggestion?