Greetings after ten years!

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    Hello. Wanted to introduce myself because I'm new to the 3DS community but surely not to the homebrew / hacking community, nor this site. I used to browse this site all the time and I could have sworn I had an account back in like 2006 but who knows what happened to that. I had the old Visoly Flash Advance and XG Flash carts (first USB flash carts on the market XD) back in 2002, 2003 and much later got the Supercard SD and Super Pass combo for my silver DS, all that fun prehistoric equipment for Nintendo handhelds (plus who could forget about mod chips for consoles...)

    After losing interest in gaming for several years, I bought the original o3ds back in 2011 because I was so impressed with it, but hacking wasn't really a thing for it at the time so I flipped it rather quickly to fund other projects, but over four years later I just picked up a brand new o3DS XL from an Amazon Warehouse Deal and I'm right back where I came from. :)

    Still working on getting the whole CFW ordeal working, but I've been reading the forums inside and out for the past few weeks and decided that I might as well make another account so I don't look like such a stranger.
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    Well, hello. And, welcome back. :P
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