Grayish, dark bottom screen

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    Mar 10, 2009
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    I have a DS Lite that, for several months now, has had a broken button pad (I managed to cut the rubber itself, preventing the button from springing back). I finally got the screwdriver I needed to open up my DS and replace the pads today, and did just that.

    Naturally, I caused more damage than there was beforehand, thanks to my glorious ineptitude. While the system itself works just fine, the bottom screen has this weird half-dead look to it. It has a grayish color, and it's somewhat difficult to make out what's on it. Not impossible, just difficult. The only thing my dad can think of is that I've somehow lost my connection to ground within the system. The top screen works just fine.

    While it's not imperative to fix (I can see with just a little difficulty, and I have the GBA slot oriented on the top screen anyway), I'd like some ideas on what I did to my system. On the plus side, it's given me an excuse to ask for a DSi for my birthday in June. I just want to make sure I can play my Lite (at the very least GBA games) until then.

    Here are some pictures. I apologize for the low quality; I don't have immediate access to a digital cameral, so I had to do with the one on my phone (first two pictures) and my computer (which also reverses the picture for whatever reason). I know they probably won't be very helpful, but here the are.

    I included a picture of the top screen in each case as a reference for the colorization of what the screen should look like. Also, it's not visible on the pictures, but on darker portions of the touch screen I can see distinct horizontal lines about two pixels in width that slightly vary the color of the screen.

    Startup sequence:

    Home screen: