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    Since some of the threads regarding Cemu are older, I had a few questions for those using the newest version (1.8.1b, for references sake)

    1. Sound: On two of the games I've tried so far (Tekken Tag 2 and Smash 4), the biggest issue is all of the stuttering for the sound, as about everything else seemed to run fine, except in Tag Tournament 2's case, the game froze just as the match began loading up. Is there a way to fix this, or is this an emulator problem?

    2. Stuttering: This is an issue across the board, and one I've heard from even those who have good PC rigs like myself. Is this just the game creating cache files of the graphics or what?

    My PC's specs:

    Video Card: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB AMP! (Don't get this card unless you want cooling problems with the fan. I just haven't replaced it due to losing the shipping papers and getting creative with putting the fan on the heat pipes)
    CPU: Intel Core i5-4690k, OC'ed at 4.1 GHz
    RAM: Kingston HyperX 16 GB of DDR3 clocked at 1866.

    P.S. Also, this emulator uses 4 cores on the CPU!?

    I fear the future system requirements of RPCS3...
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    1. Sound hasn't been updated in a while. So sound problems in a lot of games are to be expected. Tekken tag 2 is broken. Sometimes you can start a match and fight a little but it always freezes or crashes at some point.

    2. This is just in time shader compilation. Whenever cemu encounters new shaders it compiles them into something our pc can understand. During this compilation the rest of the emulation waits for the shader to run before going on. Once a shader is compiled though it adds itself to a cache so you wont stutter with that particular shader again. Basically the more you play the less you'll stutter. This is unavoidable and shader compiling/cache creation will never not be a part of cemu. You can get other peoples transferable shader cache though if you can't handle the initial stutter.

    EDIT: On your PS. No cemu won't use 4 cores. It uses two cores heavily and a third core just a little. One core is dedicated to the emulated cpu and one core is dedicated to the emulated gpu.
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