Going from MT- Card TO GW

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  1. rickycoe123

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    Jun 23, 2014
    Hi guys, Firstly, Close this thread if someone has posted about it before..

    Now down to business-

    I just sold my MT-Card to someone I know as it doesn't support Smash. ( I have retail on a 8FW XL) and I have my 4.1 Aqua blue console which I was using with the MT-Card.

    After reading today Nintendon't has released FW 9.X.X.

    Will I still be able to buy a GW, and play Smash rom or any rom up to 8.X.X or does it involve EmuNand.

    As i previously said, I Don't care about online as i have retail copy. I just wanted to have one for my wife and I I to play.

    If anyone has any information about needing/not needing EmuNand to play this game it would be of use!

    Thanks and hoping for a response.

    Thanks :)
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    you can still install emunand and use roms to update emunand, you just can't update it to 9.x as that is not supported yet
    however, if a game needs a patch to play it online, like smash does, then you cant download that patch, because eshop won't let you in without 9.x emunand
    but I guess, you could still play smash offline on it
  3. rickycoe123

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    Jun 23, 2014
    Is there an option to just go to 8.X.X or am I forced to update to 9.X.X on EmuNand? On MT you have to update to the latest, which was a pain.
  4. Reisyukaku

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    What's the details on this patch? Will it just cause a minor set back or is GW kill?
    Also I hope this doesn't affect ORAS (considering how close to launch it is,it might not) but I have a retail copy on reserve anyways