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    i have firefox and i love the feature where you can type anything in the adress bar and it will do a "feeling" lucky search on google so it will automatically take you to whatever site you needed, provided you were specific enough

    no for some reason it keeps taking me to a yahoo search results page and while i have nothing against yahoo, i still prefer google.
    i had to install megaupload toolbar because i couldnt access megaupload without it (really, i kept getting "all download slots full")
    it worked fine after installing it and didnt come with any ad/spy ware as far as i noticed and i fine fine with it.
    i could just hide the ugly old toolbar while i used megaupload.

    now i got this issue i tried fixing it by deleting my local settings and replacing it with a backup i made before i d/led megaupload toolbar
    i also uninstalled it from my computer and did a reboot...
    its still not working properlly so im getting annoyed and asking you guys for help.
    does anyone know how to fix it?

    btw, i used megaupload to get the partially translated DQIV rom

    EDIT: nevermind, i reinstalled it and found it in the options
    everything is fine now

    this useless topic can be closed