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  1. O_O I got irritated with geexbox-wii-0.1alpha4 now loading so I messed around a bit and searched up solutions! I tried formatting, locking the SD card, swaping out the sqfs file since that seems to be the cause of error but no luck!

    I then thought, it could be the type of SD card I use...

    I was using a MICRO SD card with an SD ADAPTER! I switched it to a standard SD card...

    and it worked! [​IMG] So maybe, this solution helps others? I'm not sure if it's related...

    But hopefully it is. =]
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    Shouldn't this thread be in the Wii Homebrew Section?...
  3. Ohhh...? Whoops. o_o I didn't know they seperated homebrew from hacking. xD My mistake.
  4. kashin

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    Oct 19, 2008
    I'm getting the freeze thing too, and i'm using a Sandisk 2GB SD Card.
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    alpha 4 is too picky, usually 1gb SD's or whatever only work, stick to alpha3!
  6. fishears

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    Sep 28, 2008
    alpha4 only ever boots for me if i have the lock on my sd card - PITA if you want to use anything that needs to write to sd...