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    Hello gbatemp. I actually have 2 favorite game of all time. There are classic and have something no other game have now a days. My first fave game is azure dreams. It is a gameboy color game. It’s a classic I grew up with it and you can never stop play. It has a feature when you collect eggs and hatch them. You can fuse them to create a better monster and you can take certain attacks from the monsters and put them in the monster your about to create. Its pretty cool. And when you get a legendry monster or a monster that look awesome, you get a feeling of accomplishment, and you also come upon random events which give you legendry monster or a quest item which leads you to a legendry monster. And when you’re at the highest point in the castle, and you beat the boss, you think its over and you can collect monster. But you let you first ever partner walk in to a secret portal while you exploring and you got on the platform in the sky. And that leads you 100 floors under ground. And that motivate you to keep playing that game and see what lie underneath you and which awesome monster you can get and fuse. The game never ends and it super awesome even though its for gbc.

    My second favorite game is tactic ogre lodis knight. You have multiple stories depending on the choices you make. It’s kind of like fable 2 but for gba. And it’s a tactical game. And one of my favorite features is that you can persuade your enemy’s guy to join your side. So if you’re in a bad position. Or even if you want to just straight out rape your enemies. And your charectors gain new powers threw out the game. And some guy get costum power which only a certain kind of person can get. Me personal favorite was hawk man who can use a light bow and fly while hes doing so he doesn’t hit none of you team mates. And if a charectors dies he dies for good expect for the main guy. But other then that you guy is gone for good f he dies. So its kind of realistic so you want to be careful. They done make games like these anymore. I honestly think if they remade these game for nds they would be a hit.

    These are my games and why I like them