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    GBAtemp E3 presentation writeups 2012- Nintendo​

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    The last of the big shows of E3 2012 finished not so long ago and so the final writeup in the GBAtemp coverage of E3 2012 is that of the presentation for Nintendo. It is a new hardware year for Nintendo so the focus was mainly on the Wii U. Choice quote “new disruption called asymmetric gameplay” which could have been buzzword bingo entry.
    Still games and hardware got well demonstrated although there was a considerable amount of waffle about second screens but given they pushed it that is probably OK.[/p]

    The hardware
    As mentioned this is the final E3 before the launch of the Wii U so the main focus was on that.
    It broke down into two main categories
    Showing the tablet working well with games and showing the “asymmetric gameplay” off to the fullest.
    The new version of the Wii fit board which seemed to be much like the old one but now comes with a pedometer which probably puts it slightly ahead of the other fitness titles.

    Streaming video wise it seems they might have to do a bit of catching up but Netflix, Hulu,Youtube and Amazon video are all in. Miiverse was demonstrated which brought to mind some of the ideas seen on Windows tablet/phone but appears to be a combined social network but for the Wii U (playstation home - good version did get ventured but not really carried). The Miiverse stuff does appear to be tied into the 3ds, PC, wii u, anything on the web and phones though which is nice.
    Some screen grab functionality was also mentioned and although people are shifting to video these days assuming it holds for all games (and given the tablet link that is not much of an ask technically speaking) it would be a nice addition.

    2 tablets seem to be supported at once and the feature a gyroscope, rumble, accelerometer, camera, microphone and the post presentation made reference to a geomagnetic sensor.[/p]

    The games
    The presentation started with a cut to the dressing room of one Mr Miyamoto and started the “pikmin” themed intro. Not ideal but given what we have been subject to these last few days it was something of a relief.

    Pikmin 3
    It was the first game showcased and made quite good use of the gamepad and tablet controls. The word “strategic” was bandied about a great deal but it looked like the controls afforded such options.

    “23 wii u titles on stage” were promised which conjured up visions of short clips and although there were several other games did get a reasonable billing. There is a further conference on actual game launches later though.

    New Super Mario Brothers – U
    The New Super Mario Brothers franchise appears to be getting another entry with what looked like a baby yoshi featuring among the abilities. 5 player with the 5th player in the co-op similar to the Rayman game from yesterday (they act as a magic fairy of sorts doing things to help out) was mentioned. Also mentioned was a “real time social window” which reminded us a lot of the similar functions from dark souls and related entries or maybe some of the better browser based massively multiplayer games.

    Warner Brothers got a section next and showcased a couple of games
    Batman arkham city “armoured edition”
    It was more or less Batman arkham city but with augmented mode and a few nice extra features (granted nice probably means some of the best seen yet) as far as controls and some more “rich media” style stuff.

    Scribblenauts unlimited
    Scribblenauts appears to be coming to the Wii U and what was seen had some quite large levels and lots of things going on in them. The big step up for this one is you can combine items together and share them with others (who can then remix them). A multiplayer option was also mentioned.

    Montage time for more Wii U games.
    Darksiders II
    Mass Effect 3
    Tank Tank Tank (a wii sports looking multiplayer tank game)
    Tekken tag tournament 2
    Trine 2: directors cut
    Ninja Gaiden 3- razors edge
    Aliens colonial marines

    Wii fit U
    Tied pretty well to the tablet but otherwise appeared much like the other entries. A pedometer that links to it was seen though.

    Sing” (working title)
    Freestyle games who previously made DJ Hero demoed a singing game with the tablet being used to display lyrics.

    The 3ds got a short section in the middle with the promise of more games in a later show this week.
    New Super Mario Brothers 2
    “all about the gold” would be the order of the day here and there was a new powerup for fireballs that turned bricks into coins.
    19th August this year apparently.

    Paper Mario - sticker star
    Paper mario appears to have gone isometric/3d similar to some of the downloadable titles on the home consoles. Holiday season was the release timeframe but it looked to be a decent entry in the Paper Mario franchise.

    Lugi's mansion is back with another game sporting multiple mansions and a mission oriented bent.

    3ds montage time
    Castlevania lords of shadow - mirror fate. Could be interesting to see how it plays out given the GBA and DS were where the traditional Castlevania games have hung out for a while now.
    Epic mickey power of illusion
    Scribblenauts unlimited is coming to the 3ds as well.
    Kingdom hearts 3d was also spotted.

    Back on the Wii u
    Lego city – undercover
    Some more augmented reality ish stuff but with a nice free running/climbing engine and what looked like a good bit of humour going into it. No release date but also a version to appear on the 3ds.

    Just dance 4
    And we thought we would go a presentation without a silly music performance. It was tied to the pad but perhaps not as much as the others.

    Actually got some gameplay today and a bit more afterwards. It seems the tablet is very closely tied with it taking care of inventory, radar, sniping and more. For most it would be between the batman title and this for the most interesting use of the tablet.

    You didn't think they would get to 23 titles without a montage or two did you? Granted most were showcased already.
    Assassin's creed 3
    Rabbids land
    Your shape
    Rayman legends
    Sports connection

    After this they seemed to take a leaf from Sony's book and showcase an odd title (especially to end the show with) which would have been good had Ubisoft and Warner Brothers effectively upstaged them. The Wii U launch title Nintendo land took up the remainder of the show (and a good bit of the post show).
    IRC consensus seemed to be low rent mario party as it was a bunch of Nintendo themed minigames. They did make good use of the pad and the one showed was a kind of reverse pac man where the tablet controller of the 5 would see and control the ghost and the players had torches with which to defeat the ghost which they could not see all the time.
    Zelda battle quest and a Luigis ghost mansion were two of the showcased titles with Donkey Kong and others making minor appearances. Naturally it had a miiverse tie in and the word asymmetric appeared several more times. For our money it could be the first time screen looking is actually a real thing so perhaps it has come full circle and the jokes about handlebar syndrome can now be about screen looking.[/p]

    Debate raged over how good or not the show was but was there anything that stood out for you?

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    The Wii U will have a better launch lineup than the 3DS did.
  3. Hadrian

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    New Super Mario Bros U, yeah looks good enough to buy.
    Nintendoland...dunno I kinda feel it should be a digital or pack in title.

    Erm what else was confirmed for launch that isn't a port or multiformat? If ZombiU than hell yeah!
  4. Janthran

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    I was pretty sure Nintendoland is the next gen Wii Sports.
  5. Hadrian

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    Nope its more Wii Play/Wii Party...if it was next gen Wii Sports it would sport the name Wii Sports U and would know...sports!
  6. jalaneme

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    nintendoland should be something that should be included with the console for free, like wii sports was included with the wii.

    i am very excited for the wii u! (and disappointed by the shovelware that is revealing itself in the horizon but can be ignored) i just hope and pray to god nintendo release the black wii u console worldwide and not release the black version later like they did for the wii, i was mad because i never got the chance to buy one!
  7. RoMee

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    All I saw was ports and shovelware and the only interesting title was Zombi U, but that looks more like a madworld result.
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  8. jalaneme

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    zombiU is just a rushed launch title just crushed together to meet a deadline, we all know how bad red steel was at launch, i was one of the mugs who brought it and was disgusted, i am however very excited about scribblenauts, i have been anticipating the series to come to consoles for a long time and it's finally here (will be skipping the 3DS version and just buy the Wii U version instead), i can't wait, was very surprised at the announcement.
  9. pubert09

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    Yeah, if they're comparing NintendoLand to WiiSports, it should be bundled with the console.
  10. Hadrian

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    Its been in development for two years now, it was previously Killer Freaks From Outer Space. Yes Red Steel was crap though.

    Also interesting fact, Ubisofts first ever title was called Zombi

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    Yeah, I think I'm getting the Wii u version. Batman, scribblenaut, Epic mickey power of illusion, Castlevania lords of shadow, Tekken tag tournament 2 (Glad I didn't got for the 3ds one) and a few others
    looks pretty good. I think Nintendo e3 was fair to everyone in that one hour time, but I'm glad there are more coming.

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  12. jalaneme

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    didn't know that, still i don't trust ubisoft anymore, i will wait for reviews and go from there.
  13. Nathan Drake

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    The Wii U really doesn't impress me so far. It just looks like another Nintendo console. At this point, it doesn't seem to be giving me anything I can't just experience on previous Nintendo consoles, or in the case of Batman, Mass Effect, and others, what can already be experienced on other consoles right now. There's absolutely nothing to genuinely look forward to at this point in time. The New Super Mario Bros. series doesn't really have the appeal of other Mario games (I find the NES/SNES/N64/GCN titles to be far more fun), and I've never been one for Pikmin. Everything just feels the same from Nintendo anymore. They don't really try to innovate; they just release the same games with slight modifications every generation at this point.

    I will say that I enjoy where the 3DS is going in certain respects. I'm still not big on the blurring of the line between a console and a handheld experience, but I can't deny that the games look pretty good. I feel like they're jeopardizing the Wii U with the 3DS though. What are they going to do? Paper Mario on the 3DS and the Wii U? Zelda on the 3DS and the Wii U? New Super Mario Bros. on the 3DS and the Wii U? By bringing the console experience to their handheld, they're really ruining the chances for their console (at least the Vita to PS3 connectivity is around the end of the PS3's commercial lifetime, so it acts as more of a buffer). That's simply my opinion though. I could easily be proven wrong. The way I see it is this though: the Wii U will have a fantastic launch because of the Wii, sales will begin to drop, titles won't impress nearly as much as they did on the Wii, and the Wii U will ultimately just become another GCN, with potential that will never be tapped by developers.
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  14. Gahars

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    The decision to port over Mass Effect 3 is just... maddeningly illogical.

    It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but having your progress from the previous two games was pretty essential to the whole experience. It was bad enough for PS3 users who had to settle on an interactive comic version of ME1, but this seems to be coming without either ME1 or 2. What's the point?
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  15. Janthran

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    EDIT: I was wrong, oops.
  16. dorayaki95

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    Dec 19, 2010
    Towards the ending of the conference.

    Reggie : Let's finish with 1 more walk that is NintendoLand... *casually walks away*

    *Fireworks kick in on the big screen with music*


    Me : Wtf? ( I actually expected something really grand and, well, memorable. )
  17. Bladexdsl

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    Nov 17, 2008
    nearly all sw it's not a good start for the wiiu
  18. chris888222

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    Oct 11, 2010
    It started off well but ended like crap. It is very demoralizing and disappointing considering that their Pre-TGS 3DS Software Showcase was a huge hit. I really hope the E3 3DS Showcase tomorrow won't be as bad.
  19. shakirmoledina

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    the conference was good but the content was doubtful. the wii u still has lots of doubts bcz they have changed the definition of console from sitting and playing to more than that first with the wii and now this.

    until it starts showing up in stores, there are still going to be doubts.
  20. lostdwarf

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    What have they done to my F-Zero!? How dare they shrink it down to a Nintendoland minigame!
    How rude!