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    Notice, I'm at school and this is nowhere near done, gimme about a week. It will cover everything mentioned on the forum in depth. The other paradise thread should still be used. Will credit necessary people later and format for readability (I'm on a phone!)
    First of all, if you think you know enough of the terms and tool and what they do, this is the fabled guide for arm9loaderhax, which is currently the best exploit publically available for Nintendo 3DS at this moment. It is futureproof and there is a risk of a brick, but your system will be virtually unbrickable after. Think of it like BootMii for the Wii, but also boots directly into cfw and more programs to run at boot. Remember to follow this guide religiously, do not skip or remedy ANYTHING by yourself. If you have a problem, don't understand something, or have an easier way to get something, be sure to discuss it here at GBATemp.

    Introduction to Nintendo 3DS
    There are four different revisions of Nintendo 3DS, just like there are many different versions of a phone (Galaxy s7 and s7 Edge for example)
    There is the Old Nintendo 3DS family, and the new 3DS family.
    o3DS family
    n3DS Family
    Throughout the years, the 3DS was basically unhacked. Around two years ago the first custom firmware emerged and was pretty primative. In the past year, it has blossomed and now the Nintendo 3DS is fully cracked. [credits go here]
    If you are new to hacking, you may want to read the following section.

    Terms and abbreviations
    HUGE thanks for @BobDoleOwndU for writing most of this section!
    Now including NintyFW!

    Relevant tools for CFW
    Decrypt9 - decryption and integrity tool for NANDs.

    EmuNAND9 - NAND manager and SD formatter by @dok3.

    Homebrew Launcher - menu to launch .3dsx homebrew. Requires an entrypoint, but only a userland one with sufficient access.

    PlaiSysUpdater - tool used to downgrade and update firmwares, a mod by @Plailect. He also wrote the a9lh guide above.

    Browser - the Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser can be used to gain access to the system and run code from the SD Card.

    CakesFW - a custom firmware mainly designed by @midkid

    Luma3DS - originally known as AuReiNAND, this is a fork of @Reisyukaku's ReiNAND. Luma3DS is developed by @Aurora Wright.


    Troubleshooting and FAQ
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    Once this is done, it should be stickied. Nice work!
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    I wrote a bunch of definitions for 3DS modding terms a while ago. I was going to make a guide similar to this, but never got around to it. If you want to include the definitions I'll paste them here.

    Term Defintions
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    Thanks a ton! You saved me a ton of writing. I'll be sure to credit you.
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