GBAtemp game of the week- week #15

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    GBAtemp game of the week- week #15

    The thread you find yourself reading now is for week #15 of the GBAtemp book game club. We started this series to share games we felt were worth knowing about for either their great quality, interesting ideas, historical implications and other such things that usually find themselves cropping up in game related pub quiz nights. The games can come from any system although we try to restrict it to systems covered around here. We do a short writeup on the game and good stuff to know about related to it and then real discussion happens in the thread itself where anything from the art design to the music to the level design to the engine or some small aspect of those or something else can be discussed. Games that normally sit in top games lists can quite happily appear but if a game might not qualify for that treatment but to be to say "yeah I played that once" is something worth being able to claim then there is nothing stopping it from appearing in these lists. The games that might appear can be from the top flight "most people that own this console have probably owned a copy at some point", be one of the so called hidden gems, homebrew features prominently on all systems we cover and quality often tops commercial efforts, rom hacking is always a popular activity and produces many interesting results and on occasion if a few representatives of a theme/genre are to hand a compare and contrast can happen. This week we are also mixing things up a bit and one of the qualifying conditions is you must be able to pick it up for about the price of a takeaway (even with second hand games and the consoles having existed for many years it was a harder feat than one might think)[/p]

    Exit DS

    A fairly early title on the PSP and later Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) from veteran games developers Taito it was later ported to the DS by Moss (the version of which is being discussed here but feel free to compare versions). The game itself is a kind of puzzle game which is nothing new but we hold it sucessfully combined many staples of the genre and a very nice art style to make something fresh and we hold being worth playing. Gameplay involves you having to evacuate trapped people of various classes (with various attributes per class) within a time limit.

    It has since seen a sequel released on the PSP and XBLA, those who would complain (and for that matter anybody that enjoys this) about it beings a lemmings clone of sorts you are pointed at the fantastic DS homebrew port of Lemmings[/p]

    Trailer for the DS version​

    GBAtemp release thread (US version)

    Has our quest to find something for bargain bin prices caused us to mistake something that held our attention for actual fun or are we on to something good? Do feel free to discuss in the comments below.[/p]
    [​IMG] Discuss should get you other links in this series
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    This one looks really fun. Definitely gonna try it. [​IMG]
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    Great game! Lots of levels and some really tricky.
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    whoever has not played this game, has missed out a unique title. its even on the psp.
    i am not exagerrating when i say this and n9 (or 5 or some other number) are 2 simple graphics games that must be played and should come to the iphone (more ppl there)
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    This is one of the games where the controls put me off. My first thoughts about this game when I saw trailers for it was that it was fast paced run and jump action... which it's not.. and then the time limit... Nah, I get too stressed by those games sadly [​IMG] But it's a really nice concept and I understand that people likes it!
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    I remember playing this game in '08 on the PSP, it was my first PSP game, haha. I tried it on the DS but honestly preferred the PSP version.
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    man, first time i played this i thinked: "Booooooriing", but now, after reading this i think i can give this game another chance, thanks for posting (Y)