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    GBAtemp book game club is on for edition 59. The quick intro to the series reads each edition a selection of a game or a handful of related ones is made and then those that wish to partake can discuss a playthrough of the game.
    Our main focus will be the commercial games, homebrew titles, rom hacks and the odd leaked beta for the the GBA, DS and Wii although we might occasionally look at something else that can be emulated on the DS.
    For the most part there is no theme but they will occasionally appear as will the odd challenge/run, we do wish to note this is not simply a top ? games list as we hold that misses out of a lot of interesting titles that are well worth having played.

    #59 - Doodle Hex (DS)

    A developer (Tragnarion Studios) based in that hotbed of game development Palma de Mallorca that at time was known for little else (and since a sub par shooting game released to the likes of XBLA and PSN) team up with a publisher known for about publishing that sort of thing to release a game that never made it to North America. All that was needed to seal it as shovelware was a tie in to a cartoon or film but in keeping with one of our themes here of shovelware that really is not we have Doodle Hex.
    Doodle Hex is something of a puzzle fighting game but unlike previous entrant in the series puzzle quest this one occurs in real time and makes for somewhat shorter bouts although complexity wise it ranks alongside it. The idea is the touch screen is used to draw runes (similar to the first DS castlevania but far less annoying) which get fired at your opponent all while having to defend yourself and it has a nice art style somewhat reminiscent of the more unique things from the 16 bit era.
    A Wii version did seem to be planned as well but information on it is scarce as is word of the sequel that was supposedly in the works.

    First in a series of tutorial videos

    A hidden gem on the DS or was judging a book by the cover the right idea here? Also if you like this sort of game we once more would like to point you at game of the week favourite Meteora

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series
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    a bastard to play on an emulator though! :creep: