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    Many religions of the world have something to say about food, possibly also alcohol depending upon how you want to classify it. The objective of the thread is to look at the various ones around, and there are several choices and even more interpretations, and contemplate what it might be like if you tried to follow it. If you want to figure out whether you also don't want to wear leather if you are not supposed to be killing animals (or certain animals) then go for it.
    Similarly we can ignore holidays as that would make things a bit complex. If you want to consider big ones like Ramadan (lunar calendar so varies a bit as the years go on, no eating or drinking or possibly smoking during daylight hours) and lent (forgoing a certain food, or perhaps booze or perhaps smoking for a month earlier in the year) then feel free to consider what goes.

    Links to various ones.
    Short overview of the bigger ones
    Also good for some things

    Probably the most strict of any here. lacto-vegetarianism for a start and possibly full vegan, however on top of that things which kill a plant to make (eating a grape is fine, digging up a bulb of garlic not to much. This does mean potatoes, onions and other tubers are out).
    Eating at night (fires attract insects which is not good as they tend to fly into it) is discouraged. You may also have to variously filter or boil your water.
    No fermented foods. Whether you can create vinegar and booze via chemical means and dodge the issues with killing yeasts and such I do not know.
    No honey (counts as violence against bees)
    Possibly always cooking fresh and avoiding anything that has started to turn (Americans might do better here, personally I will scrape the mould off cheese and carry on with my day).
    Depending upon how you want to play it you may have to filter your water.

    Definitely no cow based meats. Often some flavour of vegetarian. The calendar is quite complex if you want to go that way as well.

    No specific rules, however if you are going to try not to harm living things as part of it all then vegetarianism is a popular theme.

    Halal being a useful term here. It goes quite in depth and covers slaughter methods and protocols, however I will ignore that here as it ends up dead and ultimately tastes the same.
    For most it would boil down to no pig products, no booze. Some sects view smoking as forbidden as well if you want to go that way.

    Kosher being a useful term here, though kashrut would probably be the more specific one. The Hasidic variation on the theme has differing and generally more strict interpretations.
    No blood, no bugs, no pork, no hare, no rock badger, no camel (hooves is one of the common themes), no birds of prey/scavengers, no swan according to some.
    No mixing meat and dairy.
    Grape products not made by other Jews (kosher wine exists basically), not sure what goes for non grape booze. If you would consider missing your favourite type of wine to be a problem then OK, if any booze as long as it is booze works then so be it.
    This can go on for a while, and that is before you get into food preparation (specifically the meat and dairy mixing stuff in the same pan/using the same pan, and mixing kosher and non kosher) but we can ignore that here.

    Rasta Ital is a term that works but not as well as the ones for Islam and Judaism.
    Caffeine not being allowed is one of the bigger ones for most people here. Whether the mandatory marijuana is enough to settle the coffee withdrawal.
    Some followers are fully vegetarian, others might do fish, others might do old testament style stuff against shellfish and pork and the like.
    You may also be encouraged to watch your "food miles" and only do local stuff that is in season.

    Nothing particular but vegetarianism is a popular theme and even among those that might eat meat then beef and pork might be avoided. Curiously I think it is also one of the few religions that avoids halal -- halal will tend to accept food prepared by other religious rites but apparently not the reverse here.

    Christianity itself has very little. Technically there is a thing about shellfish in there somewhere but nobody cares (it tending to only come up when someone says but the bible says) for the most part. A few of the offshoots have some things, some of the Mormon sects tend to frown upon caffeine for example. Equally if you go back a few decades there are some things that some still observed, things like fish on Friday ( ). has some stuff from the seventh day adventists (vegetarian for the most part).
    Jehovah's Witnesses would have nothing but not eating blood, also smoking and drinking would be frowned upon rather seriously.
    Quite a few things that fall under the umbrella of Christian emphasise trying not to be a fat bastard, it falling under gluttony if you fancy terms worth searching using, and it has some interesting implications for those places that practice it more strictly.

    Mostly no alcohol, even as a cooking ingredient where it gets burned off.

    Myself. Pork seems to be a popular one on the lists and I don't much care for it, doubly so for bacon which I actually dislike, so I can leave it out. The not mixing meat and dairy is right out though as I quite like a cheese sauce with some dead thing in pasta, or some dead thing topped with mashed potato, or some salad cream on top of dead thing in a wrap or sandwich.
    I am a determined carnivore in most instances. It can be a long time between meat if I am on the road or being poor or something but I am not inclined to forgo it entirely. Meat with every meal is a marketing term as far as I am aware.
    One of the links says some flavours of Vietnamese might not eat lamb which I could not handle. Love me some lamb, lamb liver and most things lamb actually.
    The hindu (and some other Indian subcontinent) thing against beef I guess I could handle, however I do like a steak from time to time and it is usually readily available so I am quite used to having it.
    No booze and no caffeine would be fine as well. I don't do well with the latter and though I have no objection to the former I don't bother with it these days so no worries there either.
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    В небо
    I'm non religious.
    I just eat whatever I feel like.
    I mainly like simple dishes in all honesty.
    Vegetables on the other hand, I eat very little.
    Mainly due to the texture and taste but mixed in with other things I don't seem to mind much.
    It has its limits tho.
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    So be it, the idea of the game was contemplate what it might be like for you if you did adopt such a diet and then there was a list of commonly encountered ones people could look at.

    How have you tried your vegetables cooked? The thought of having carrots or something from a can is not appetising and the idea of having vegetables done like some elderly people I have met (bunch of salt and boiled to mush) is enough to turn my stomach, texture and taste being the driving forces there. Variously grilled, baked or fried lightly in oil, or at least boiled properly without salt is a different matter entirely.
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    Weebism. I can only eat sushi.

    ...given just how much I love sushi, that sounds like a great diet.
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    The shellfish thing is part of the dietary restrictions on the Israelites (Jews), not Christians.

    Fish on friday is a Catholic thing, not Christianity in general.

    Most denominations frown on alcohol, other than the Catholics. Some only prohibit actually getting drunk, not drinking it entirely, but for most it's just a no no all together.
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    The fish on friday thing got adopted by many -- I have met several elderly people that variously did or had old stories of people that were old when they were old doing fish on Friday, for no reason they understood at least beyond "'tis religion innit" (Catholicism is not popular in the UK).

    The shellfish thing was more mentioning it only coming up in passing, usually when the discussion of being gay comes up as the bible verses that those disliking the gays come from the same sub book. I never meant to imply anybody took it seriously as any flavour of Christian, much less the common ones.

    Never heard the alcohol thing outside of Mormons though, I guess it would fall under the gluttony and such like and naturally I would expect to hear of several preacher/vicar/someone in fancy hats and robes saying perhaps take it easy but as in a written in commonly accepted rules, a la many of the things on this list or even as a heavy implication/logical conclusion from said rules (if you are told not to harm living things then vegetarian is a fairly logical end result), I had never seen it/heard it. I wonder how much of that is a hangover from prohibition in the US.

    I don't think you were supposed to define your own, or if it is now one then I guess I apologise.
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    Honestly i have never been big into the whole religious based diets but it has affect where i choose to eat at since as a spiritual person i do not eat at certain places (Chik fey la and Taco bell for example) although i know that that does not count. On the other hand i do agree to a large part with the Jainist principles however.
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    I am exactly like you lol; I would eat only nothing but sushi! :P

    However, I wouldn't really go to extremes and call it "weebism"... I know they both derive from Japan, but I'm sure that a vast majority of non-weebs love to eat sushi as well.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    Are you sure it is not cultural appropriation?
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    Holy shit, I love that guy. He's the best

    Eh, I have been trying to eat better since my surgery I had and it's going well. Probably going to go with Christianity. No restrictions boi
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    "Let your moderation be known"
    in a sense you can do anything food wise as long as it is to a certain small dosage of it.
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    You kidding man, weebs afford sushi. They have to thrive of cheap ramen and pocky

    In regards to the original topic, I would never go on a specific diet religious or otherwise. I like choosing what I eat and I've never understood why some religions are against certain types of foods. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't understand things about my religion. To each their own as long as someone elses diet doesn't affect mine
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    Nov 21, 2005
    I was not really saying people take up a religion. It was more "wow I really like beef, the Hindu diet would not do for me".

    Religious diets though generally stem from two things
    1) If "don't harm living things" is part of your religion it makes it hard to justify killing animals for food.

    2) If you are running around a hot desert and it is more than 50 years ago (not many religions have been made in the last 50 years and thus would have lacked refrigeration) then trying to keep pork around is a very good way of giving yourself the squirts, which in turn is a very easy way to kill yourself in the ancient world or indeed possibly lose a battle. As you have to keep those numbers up it is then better to say the sky daddy says no pork as hungry people are usually going to satisfy that hunger and an appeal to rationality only goes so far.
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    Jainism sounds way too hardcore for my liking. And Hinduism means no steak, no beloved, delicious steak. Yikes! The one restriction I'd ever put into my diet due to religion would be limiting just how much beef/chicken I buy, because darn it, think of all the poor birds that died to create those frozen chickens that are rotting in the Safeway freezers. (Something something Bible don't waste things something)

    Having a father who favors halal food, I've learned that all the extra methods that go into how they kill and drain the blood and etc, have...little to no effect on the taste. But hey, Persian food is darn good either way. Kabob is too good for this world.

    Honestly I could probably get away with never eating pork, lamb, or shellfish ever again. Bacon is good, but it's just so greasy. Eugh.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    Does not liking steak still get you run out of the state there?

    No lamb though... I know the US has a thing about not eating as much sheep/lamb (to the point where farmers of it have a hard time) compared to most of the rest of the world (pig, cow, sheep and chicken being the main non fish meats) but I don't think we can be friends now. I could understand it if you were other being on of those filthy vegetarians but when you are otherwise being a determined carnivore.

    On kebabs then yeah they are pretty nice. Only problem with seeing people comment on them is around here it is the sort of food favoured when people are drunk and not typically otherwise so I always think people are drunkards when they espouse a love for them.
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    I eat the body of Christ for breakfast and drink his blood for dinner.
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    I am a Satanist: There's no real strict diet for us, although there are some common themes. Most us tend to want to eat healthy, only eating junk food as a reward for personal achievement. A good chunk of us tend to be vegetarians, mostly because most of us have a deep respect for animals (contrary to popular belief.)
    Otherwise our diets are just, does it taste good? Yes? Then that's up to you to decide if you want to eat it.
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    Nov 21, 2005
    I also found my way into a Roman catholic store room one time. Not terribly nutritious but it got the job done.
    On the other hand being blasted in a gothic church is pretty freaky when you wake up at 3am in one.
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