Hacking GBA Save Header


May 19, 2006
I noticed when I moved from my old Supercard to my AKRPG (stock 4.11 firmware) that the GBA saves didn't work. This turned out to be because the 3in1 code prepends a header to the save file. I manually added this to my saves as required, but now I have begun playing with gelu's source I would like to remove the need for this to exist if at all possible.

However, I'm a little confused, as my reading of the code ( and looking through the logs and experiments with the menu itself ), seem to suggest that the code was modified to load headerless save files, but it always adds them back in when it saves to disk. Is this correct and what everyone is experiencing?

I just wanted to make sure before I add writing out to lastgba.ini if the save is headerless or not and writing it back appropriately.

...also, while I have your attention, does anyone know if any more thought has been given to releasing akaio's *menu* source (I'm aware of the situation re: the loader side of things, i.e. ak2i suport and korean editions etc.)?

There's a lot of really nice work that exists in akaio that I'd like to have in my custom hackjob menu (settings menus, save prompts, etc.), but it currently looks like I'm going to have to reinvent the wheel for them using the features offered by gelu's code, so to speak. Just seems a waste of time, that's all.

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