GBA Movie Player or Flash Card

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    Dec 21, 2008
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    I am looking for the cheapest way to have a back up for GBA SP games. Finding info is difficult I think because everyone is going DS.

    I saw someone asked a similar question recently here:

    I did find different kinds of cards, I think they are reffered to as Flash Cards, but then Wikipedia also speaks of a GBA Movie Player which also plays games.

    I have heard that these devices that use SD cards will be slow for some GBA games. However I often play original GB games and GBC games. Is the GBA movie player the device that uses SD cards? Also I have seen reference to SuperCards. Wikipedia says its a Mac item. Is SD different than SuperCard? I don't have a Mac, I have a PC.

    But being able to play movies is something I would be very interested in, I also would be interested in playing NES games, as I own about 100 games for my NES.

    While it would be cool to make my own copy of the games that will not be necessary, and I know we don't ask for such here, and am not.

    So I am looking for something that would hold many games, most would NOT be GBA, tho some would. This is my primary request. Holding movies is 2ndary, playing NES is 3rd. But I have a small budget for this.

    What hardware would do this? What hardware is needed?

    I found 1 GBA movie player for only $10 but they are sold out, here:

    Finding them online is fine, I don't need to go to a local store.

    Is the GBA SP no longer in production btw?