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    After reading this article on their parent company, I think I am going to take kotaku out of my bookmarks (though to be fair, I had been thinking about it for a while, what with the idiotic e-mail posts. No one give's a rat's ass about your kids, editors). In particular, the parent company is to journalism what mcdonald's is to food and the system of comment banning is pretty similar on gawker and kotaku.

    Commenters are the mob sneering at the tumbrels as they pass by—their comments are sometimes hilarious but always cruel and vicious, an echo chamber of Gawker’s meanness. Gawker editors let them know their place by introducing “Commenter Executions,” by which they banned a few of the lamest commenters each week (e.g., “Crime: on certain days, comments on every single post—yet says nothing”).

    NY Magazine.