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    so my gateway came and i set everything up on my new 3ds and unink my emunand and sysnand now im about to dl some cia and wanted to know some few things

    1.can i use dlc cia i dled with my retail games?
    2.can i use update that install from cia with my retail games
    3.can i still install legit cia even tho i unlink my emunand and sysnadn if so how?

    bigbluebox or fbihax which is better for installing cia

    and do i have to be on the latest emunand to play games online like smash or mh

    ty in advance
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    2.afaik, no as classic mode doesn't support cias
    3.not sure about what you are asking, but you can always install legit cia regardless whether you have unlinked sysnand and emunand

    You won't need to be in the latest emunand to play online, but you would need the latest patch of the game itself , which you can either download from eshop or download from others as cias, to go online
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    1. Not with GW, there's a way with Palantine CFW or PBT-CFW but those are buggy and it's easier to back up your games and run them from the GW cart.
    2. I don't think so.
    3. Hold B while booting GW mode on the latest launcher and it will boot into sysNAND instead of emuNAND then you can install legit CIAs onto sysNAND.