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    Dec 7, 2017
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    I hate to be a bother because there is already an extensive number of codes for Fire Emblem: Awakening in this thread, but I cannot find a decent working save editor or code for the simplest of tasks: if you want child units to have certain abilities their parents need to gain them via Master Seals and Second Seals. Problem is getting them for Chrom and his wife before Chapter 11 is damn near impossible given the luck-based map merchants appearing. The "All Convoy Items" code is objectively terrible because it adds 99 of a bunch of japanese-named dummy items and multiplies story items like Falchion by 99 which you cannot throw away.

    Does anyone have a code exclusively for giving the player 99 Second Seals and Master Seals?
  2. hummus23

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Hey, I can't find any HP and PP cheats for Pokemon Sun and Moon and I tried making them in citra with cheat engine which is really hard for me.
    The HP is working but I get a black screen from time to time, and the PP isn't working.

    [999 HP]
    D3000000 30000000
    10002776 000003E7
    10002778 000003E7
    1000975E 000003E7
    10009760 000003E7
    10002AA6 000003E7
    10002AA8 000003E7
    10009A8E 000003E7
    10009A90 000003E7
    10002DD6 000003E7
    10002DD8 000003E7
    10009DBE 000003E7
    10009DC0 000003E7
    10003106 000003E7
    10003108 000003E7
    1000A0EE 000003E7
    1000A0F0 000003E7
    10003436 000003E7
    10003438 000003E7
    1000A41E 000003E7
    1000A420 000003E7
    10003766 000003E7
    10003768 000003E7
    1000A74E 000003E7
    1000A750 000003E7

    I'm playing on Pokemon Sun 1.2 on Citra Canary 1356, Thanks for any help.

    Edit: Updated the PP it's working but will result in black screen when going in to the summary of the Pokemon.

    [PP of the first Pokemon]
    D3000000 30000000
    2000296C 00000063
    2000296D 00000063
    20009954 00000063
    20009955 00000063
    2000297A 00000063
    2000297B 00000063
    20009962 00000063
    20009963 00000063
    20002988 00000063
    20002989 00000063
    20009970 00000063
    20009971 00000063
    20002996 00000063
    20002997 00000063
    2000997E 00000063
    2000997F 00000063
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  3. ymyn

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth USA v1.0
    Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth EUR v1.0
    [Max Money v1.0]
    005F7144 0098967F
    [Max Party Gauge v1.0]
    005F714C 000001F4
    [Inf Use Item v1.0]
    00232A3C EA000004
    00232A94 EA0000AB
    00232B88 EA00006E
    002EA0CC E1A00000
    [Instant Messages v1.0]
    0011E92C E3A00001
    [Preemptive Encounter v1.0]
    0036BB94 E1A00000
    *Not effect on the event encounter and Treasure Spots encounter.
    [No Encounter, Hold SELECT Instant Encounter v1.0]
    00127E48 EA000002
    002783A0 E3A01000
    002783A4 E5801024
    DD000000 00000004
    002783A0 E3A01445
    D0000000 00000000
    *Not effect on the event encounter.
    [Critical Hit v1.0]
    00369138 E3A00000
    [Can load deleted suspend save data v1.0]
    00308218 E3A00001
    *Please Enable code on the title screen.("PRESS ANY BUTTON" is displayed on the screen)
    [Don't return to title screen after suspend save v1.0]
    00366BC4 EAFFFF33
    [SP Cost0(Inf SP) v1.0]
    002F338C E3A00000
    002657B8 E1A00000
    002B1D08 E3A00000
    [Get Experience Multiplier After Battle v1.0]
    002ED49C E3A010XX <- XX=02:x2, 05:x5, 0A:x10, 64:x100
    002ED4A0 E0000190
    [Enemy Current HP1 Start of Battle(Instant KO) v1.0]
    0034B064 E3A01001
    [Infinite Treasure Spots v1.0]
    00440A54 E3A04000
    00440A58 E7C04001
    00440A5C E3A00001
    00440A60 EA000000
    [Enemys Always Drop Their Items (Normal & Rare & Conditional) v1.0]
    0034A670 E3A00000
    0034AAD0 E3A0A064
    *Drop Items is up to 8 at the same time.
    [Walk about 3 times faster v1.0]
    0045AD4C E3A05005
    0045AD60 03A05002
    0045AD6C 13A05001
    [Ignore FOE, (Hold A button and walk to disable) v1.0]
    00228624 E3A00000
    00276EC8 E3A00001
    00276E48 E3A00000
    DD000000 00000001
    00228624 EB067CB8
    00276EC8 EB01EC81
    00276E48 EB045973
    D0000000 00000000
    [Fusion can inherit 6 skills v1.0]
    00403674 E3A00004
    [Can Fusion Personas Higher Than WILD LV v1.0]
    00300950 E3A00063
    003ED1E8 E3A00063
    [Free Change Risky Mode v1.0]
    002B77E8 E1A00000
    002B7A28 E1A00000
    002B7A58 E1A00000
    002B7A88 43A00004
    002B7824 E3500004
    002B7AB4 E3500004
    *Can't change difficulty while in the dungeon. Please change difficulty before going to dungeon.
    [Shop Sell All Item Exclude Materials v1.0]
    00428F24 E92D400E
    00428F28 E3A03001
    00428F2C E3A01FBB
    00428F30 E2812012
    00428F34 E1500001
    00428F38 A1520000
    00428F3C A3A03000
    00428F40 E28210F8
    00428F44 E2812003
    00428F48 E1500001
    00428F4C A1520000
    00428F50 A3A03000
    00428F54 E2811F5A
    00428F58 E28120A1
    00428F5C E1500001
    00428F60 A1520000
    00428F64 A3A03000
    00428F68 E2401C05
    00428F6C E3510000
    00428F70 13510001
    00428F74 13510002
    00428F78 13510003
    00428F7C 13510008
    00428F80 1351000B
    00428F84 1351000E
    00428F88 1351000F
    00428F8C 13510011
    00428F90 13510018
    00428F94 1351001F
    00428F98 13510020
    00428F9C 1351002F
    00428FA0 13510030
    00428FA4 13510031
    00428FA8 13510037
    00428FAC 13510040
    00428FB0 13510046
    00428FB4 1351004F
    00428FB8 13510050
    00428FBC 13510051
    00428FC0 13510056
    00428FC4 03A03000
    00428FC8 E1A00003
    00428FCC E8BD800E
    0041502C EA004FBC
    003B9EA4 E1A00001
    002884B4 E1A00009
    0028891C E1A00009
    004068F8 EA000003
    [HP Not Decrease in Battle(Inf HP) v1.0]
    00505FF0 E5D41988
    00505FF4 E3510000
    00505FF8 11A01007
    00505FFC E12FFF1E
    002ECAB8 EB08654C
    003A4FC8 D5D64988
    [Enepedia Complete v1.0]
    00505FD0 E3E01000
    00505FD4 E7831102
    00505FD8 E7932102
    00505FDC E12FFF1E
    0032D424 EB0762E9
    Need Open "Enepedia" Menu Once.
    [All Members Motivated v1.0]
    00505F94 E92D401F
    00505F98 E3A04001
    00505F9C E1A00004
    00505FA0 EBF1E9EA
    00505FA4 E1D010B6
    00505FA8 E3811002
    00505FAC E1C010B6
    00505FB0 E2844001
    00505FB4 E354001D
    00505FB8 BAFFFFF7
    00505FBC E8BD801F
    00101968 EB101189
    [(SELECT + A)Walk Through Walls (SELECT + B)Disable v1.0]
    00127E48 EA000002
    00505F58 E51D4010
    00505F5C E51D500C
    00505F60 E3A06000
    00505F64 E3540000
    00505F68 13540022
    00505F6C 13550000
    00505F70 1355001D
    00505F74 03A06001
    00505F7C E8BD80F0
    0034E3A0 EA06DEEC
    DD000000 00000005
    00505F78 E1A00006
    D0000000 00000000
    DD000000 00000006
    00505F78 E1A00000
    D0000000 00000000
    [Always BOOST! Status v1.0]
    00505EF4 E92D0004
    00505EF8 E5D02988
    00505EFC E3520000
    00505F00 0590201C
    00505F04 03822202
    00505F08 0580201C
    00505F0C 03811001
    00505F10 E1C01CB4
    00505F14 E8BD0004
    00505F18 EAFA8504
    003A732C EA057AF0
    00505F1C E5D50988
    00505F20 E3500000
    00505F24 0595001C
    00505F28 03800202
    00505F2C 0585001C
    00505F30 E1D50CB4
    00505F34 03800001
    00505F38 01C50CB4
    00505F3C E12FFF1E
    0036C780 EB0665E5
    [Multiple moves in one turn v1.0]
    00505E8C E5850008
    00505E90 E92D4007
    00505E94 E5D41988
    00505E98 E3510000
    00505E9C 18BD8007
    00505EA0 E1A02005
    00505EA4 E2811001
    00505EA8 E2822010
    00505EAC E3510009
    00505EB0 1351000X <- X:Number of times to move(1-9Max)
    00505EB4 08BD8007
    00505EB8 E5950000
    00505EBC E5820000
    00505EC0 E5950004
    00505EC4 E5820004
    00505EC8 E5950008
    00505ECC E5820008
    00505ED0 E595000C
    00505ED4 E582000C
    00505ED8 E2866001
    00505EDC EAFFFFF0
    002EAC28 EB086C97
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    May 2, 2015
    Thank you!
    Are they the same as the JPN version?
  5. ymyn

    ymyn GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 5, 2010
    No, Address is different compared to JPN v1.2
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  6. 98otiss

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    Aug 22, 2015
    someone was able to get longer names in pq2
    like 7 instead of 6 characters
    but its outdated and only for pq2 jpn 1.2
    can you make a code that lets you do that?
    i wanted to name the femc Minako Arisato
  7. ymyn

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    Oct 5, 2010
    I made a tool so use it.

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  8. 98otiss

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    Aug 22, 2015
    cool, i would have used it but it is for jpn version, i have usa and its 1.0
    plus got updated to work with usa
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    Jan 19, 2017
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    Can I just get the complete list of Gateshark codes for Fire Emblem Warriors? I see a bunch of posts with one or 2 codes here & there or I see the codes as part of an ntr plugin. Can I please just have the complete Gateshark list please?
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    Mar 4, 2019
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    anyone have Bravely Default USA and Fossil Fighter Frontier codes?
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    Toledo, OH
    @ymyn 100% for persona compendium for Persona Q2 USA?
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  12. ymyn

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth JPN v1.2
    [100% For Persona Films v1.2]
    0052DE4C E3A00001
    0052DE50 E5C40000
    0052DE54 E59F1020
    0052DE58 E5911008
    0052DE5C E0870087
    0052DE60 E0810200
    0052DE64 ECB40A08
    0052DE68 ECA00A08
    0052DE6C E894001E
    0052DE70 E880001E
    0052DE74 E1A00005
    0052DE78 E8BD81F0
    0052DE7C 0059487C
    003A22F0 EA062ED5
    003A22AC E1A00000
    *Need enter "View Persona Films" menu once.
    Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth USA v1.0
    Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth EUR v1.0
    [100% For Persona Films v1.0]
    00505E4C E3A00001
    00505E50 E5C40000
    00505E54 E59F1020
    00505E58 E5911008
    00505E5C E0870087
    00505E60 E0810200
    00505E64 ECB40A08
    00505E68 ECA00A08
    00505E6C E894001E
    00505E70 E880001E
    00505E74 E1A00005
    00505E78 E8BD81F0
    00505E7C 0056A87C
    0037C840 EA062581
    0037C7FC E1A00000
    *Need enter "View Persona Films" menu once.
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    Dec 13, 2016
    @ymyn code for Persona Q2 USA that gives you all the accessories?
  14. ymyn

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    Oct 5, 2010
    You can not have all the accessories.
    Because, Accessories are about 300 types.
    But you can have only 159 items(Inventory 60 + Store 99).
    Please use [Shop Sell All Item Exclude Materials v1.0] cheat.
  15. woomygodness

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    Feb 5, 2019
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    @ymyn fire emblem awakening usa all skills please
  16. YuseiFD

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    Jul 6, 2016
    can anyone please make a cheat to unlock both bikes (acro and mach) from pokemon alpha sapphire (eur) 1.4 before post game ? thanks
  17. ymyn

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Fire Emblem Awakening USA v1.0
    [All Characters Have All Skills v1.0]
    604D1100 00000000
    B04D1100 00000000
    C0000000 00000044
    2000001F 000000FE
    00000020 FFFFFFFF
    00000024 FFFFFFFF
    00000028 7FFFFFFF
    6000000C 00000000
    B000000C 00000000
    D2000000 00000000
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  18. cotyboy66

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    May 28, 2019

    Do you know how can I easily convert it to plg format for ntr plugin?
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  19. ymyn

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Please put this cheats and plugin folders in the root of your sd card.
    And get the ActionReplay.plg file from this thread and put it in root/plugin/00040000001D7100 folder.
    Please enter [Tools] -> [Change menu hotkeys] and change hotkeys to something other than SELECT

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    May 29, 2019
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    Hi, can I request codes for Persona Q, I want to finish it before trying Q2 and don't have much free time on my hand. thanks in advance.