Gateway blue card constantly corrupting save

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    Nov 21, 2014
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    I've been playing Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow on my DS Lite using my Gateway blue card. On a fairly regular occasion, the save data will either corrupt and erase itself, or the game will freeze up after dying.

    Is the Gateway blue just a poor quality card, or is there something specific about how I should set it up to ensure it works well?

    Currently, I have the Gateway Blue wood launcher that comes with the latest Gateway Omega release.

    If the Gateway blue is just poor quality, what flashcard is recommended for playing DS games on a DSLite and/or 3DS.

    I do have the timewarp CIA installed on my 3DS that allows old flash cards as well, but the save corrupting issue happens regardless of if I'm playing on 3DS or DSLite.
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    I have not used the blue card but the 1st rule of DS Flashcarts when they act up is to reformat using SD formatter v4 from then reload every thing. It has always worked for me, except when the card reader flakes out. The USB adapters that come with the cards I find last a month and then die.

    DStwo is best but out of production and hard to find new. I have the r4 Gold from and it has done the job for me the last two years. They tend to burn out or fall apart after a couple of years use, at least with kids.