Fujifilm reveals a mini-printer for the Nintendo Switch called the Instax Mini Link


Have you ever longed to easily print screenshots of your favorite moments in games on the Nintendo Switch? Fujifilm is about to make such a concept a reality, with the unveiling of a new app for their Instax Mini Link, a small printer that connects to your smartphone. The Instax Mini Link, in tandem with the just-announced Instax for Nintendo Switch app, will connect to the device, where you'll be able to send your screenshots over to be printed. Fujifilm's printer is small enough to fit in your hand, and comes in white, with Neon Joy-Con colored red-and-blue accents. There's even a Pikachu case that you can get for the Instax Mini, making it look all the more like a device made to print your favorite pictures from the upcoming New Pokemon Snap game.

You'll also be able to edit your images in the app, adding frames and borders from Super Mario, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Snap franchises. Both the Switch edition of the Mini Link printer and Instax app are set to launch on Android and iOS on April 30th--the same day as the aforementioned game--with the device retailing for £109.99, where it'll be sold in the USA, UK, and Japan.

Fujifilm’s Link is a smartphone printer that establishes a Bluetooth*4 connection with a smartphone via dedicated app to produce a high-quality instax print of an image on the smartphone. The app allows users to edit an image, combine it with a variety of frames that come with the app, or take the best moment out of video and print it out. The palm-top device is compact and weighs just 200g for excellent portability. Since its launch in October 2019, the printer has enjoyed huge popularity as a tool that turns every photo opportunity into fun time.

In addition to the current way of enjoying the Link, the new dedicated app “instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch” can produce an instax print out of a scene from game play, screenshot of a game character or a selected moment of video stored in the Nintendo Switch. When the users select an image saved on Nintendo Switch, the QR code will be displayed on the screen of Nintendo Switch. Then, when the users scan it with the dedicated app, the image will be transferred to the smartphone and displayed on the app. The image can be printed as it is or cropped.

The app’s screen design can be chosen from three themes, such as “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” “Super Mario” and New Pokémon Snap, so that users can enjoy the world of their favorite game or character while operating the app. The app also comes with 59 new frames, featuring characters from the three games, to add to 36 frame designs available in the current Link app for use in the Frame Print function, in which an image can be combined with a frame design for printout. It enables the users to enjoy printing with the design frame of their favorite game. The dedicated app can be downloaded free of charge *5.

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Nah the real money in printers is in the ink/supplies. Everybody knows that.

You want to buy reams of the custom paper and put that in your attic/basement/climate controlled storage vault and then sell that in a few decades when the nostalgia kicks in.
Too bad that paper has an expiration date like all film does. Even with proper storage it still has a limited shelf life.

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My local Printing Shop now does what they call ATM Printouts, which is basically printing on a Plastic Card format.
Works well for the Government-released COVID-19 Vaccine Certificates they send you after each shot.

I've seen the feature in several cities now, from different Printing franchises so it shouldn't be an exclusive thing, unless it's an Asian exclusive in which case Fuji Film would not be excluded from its scope.

If these Printing Shops can find the cartridge for these so-called ATM Prints, I don't see how Fuji's vastly superior supply chain can't package them up for the consumer, especially in 2021.

This feature is just begging for collectability, and collecting Polaroid-like photos should be left to Polaroid.
The Fujifilm Instax Mini Card Collectibles is what I want to hear about.
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109 pounds so this will be a 150$ printer? srs this is just a phone printer and it costs way too much since you cant even run it on switch itself, but need to use your phone... gb printer was affordable and used directly on the device.


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just go and buy a second hand printer and save some money.
As someone that foolishly let it be known he could fix printers I do have to say that only applies if you too can fix them. If you are paying someone to fix them for you then... debatable.

Under £1 a photo is crazy?
Average decent laser colour printer is about 3.4p a photo even if I pay out of the arse for the genuine highest price cartridges, maybe 25p a pop if you go to a shop, dye sublimation (which produces developer grade photos, it being what the average pro photographer will have, as well as people that bought a fad printer-camera combo back before phones took over the camera market) is actually sometimes cheaper* and only gets up there when going to higher sizes, and still way south of the cost of this ( https://www.tescophoto.com/photo-prints.html has some costs there, from 7p a photo for the small ones**). If we are counting continuous ink systems in this (which I can see) then... paper is probably going to be the bigger cost in that one (litre bottles are about £25 a colour, so you might need four. The average cartridge is maybe 8ml, and maybe another 8ml split between the remaining three colours. Refills might make it up to 25ml).

* https://shop.photomart.co.uk/mitsubishi-cp-d70dw-dye-sublimation-printer.html reckons Cost Per Print (6 x 9") ~29p and the same site offers me a 800 prints 6x9 pack for £69.

**this is my usual advice to clients looking to print photos. Just have the supermarket or whatever high street shops are left look after it. Buy a small black and white laser printer for whatever concert tickets, ferry tickets, plane tickets, directions or similar you need like that (and I am told most have phones these days, indeed I missed out on a concert for not having one the other year as they tried to go phone only). They are small, they are cheap, they don't get clogged nozzles and often the starter cartridge will be enough to get you through to the point where buying another printer is a contemplation you can have.
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