Freecheat Not Loading ;___;

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    Apr 16, 2009
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    Ok, I really gotta get Freecheat to load cuz my save data is corrupted [​IMG]
    It put ms0:/FreeCheat/fc_3xx.prx 1 (im on 5.00m33-6) in vsh.txt game.txt pops.txt and game150.txt and then i go into my game and press the ote button but nothing loads. no screen. nadddaaa
    I really wana fix this so i can play p3p again.
    thank you soooo much for the help [​IMG]

    EDIT-------- WTHH.. i put a 1 after the line the first time but when i went to plugins again it said disabled [​IMG]

    aka problemo solved [​IMG]