Fox news actually did it....

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Vidboy10, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Don't forget the blow up doll in the tub. That will be their follow up story.

    EDIT: Okay, the guy said there is no question there is a correlation between video game violence and real life violence. I wonder if he realizes correlation does not imply causation. Correlation is "More furniture is sold on days when supermarkets have apples on sale." While this is true, the apples being on sale does not cause more furniture to sell. It is some other factor.
  3. Magmorph

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    Feb 22, 2009
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    Everyone knows Fox "news" is unbiased and truthful. I believe everything they say.
  4. geminisama

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    Who really cares what Fox News says? Really? Them bawwwing about another thing is news worthy?
  5. Technik

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    May 2, 2009
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    After reading this I'm wondering how in my neighborhood a bunch of 6th grader kids got a hold of this
  6. Hop2089

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    Fox News isn't even a real news channel and as fair and balanced as the Patriot Act.
  7. Magmorph

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    Its scary that many people actually do believe what Fox tells them.
  8. Blaze163

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    For the love of God, not this bollocks again. The Fox News guy just didn't wanna listen to anyone, did he? The guy from or whatever it was called was trying to point out the very important point that it is just a video game, and the fox douche immediately tries to rile everyone up by claiming it's some sort of terrorist training manual. People like him need to be punched in the face. Repeatedly. Because they're not just being ignorant, they're slowing down the progress of all mankind by trying to keep us all in the dark ages where we're tricked into being afraid of everything. IT'S A FUCKING GAME. It's not gonna teach your kids to be terrorists. No more than going hunting, or even basic down to earth social interaction.

    Besides, if this game is supposed to be a terrorist training manual as mr fox douche claims, then surely it is also a manual on how to effectively shoot hundreds of terrorists in the face to save innocent civilians, right? Now I'm no expert but isn't that a good thing? You'll notice how they fail to point that out. If video games can really be used to 'program' kids, then logic dictates that this game would actually be good for them. The people who dominate online in MW2 are the ones you want on your side if you ever face a terrorist invasion. 'cause they know how to spot decent cover, how to pick your moments when you're reloading, they're well versed in team tactics and they're a damn better shot than I am. Think about it.

    Tenner says the Fox douche has never played a game in his life.
  9. da_head

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    once again, fox delivers with the lulz.
  10. Gobnoblin

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    Sep 13, 2009
    very informative... now if only the game hadn't sold out in my area
  11. injected11

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    "You bring a game into a house, and there's nothing to stop an 8 year old from becoming a terrorist and shooting people."

    This is the kind of logic that gets you your own T.V. show, people. I've lost all hope in humanity, and now my sole goal in life will be to destroy the world.

  12. CrimsoniteX

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    I lol'd

    But seriously, you guys should let up on the fox bashing. There is no such thing as a fair and balanced news source. Everyone has contracts to fulfill, and agendas to pursue. It's not really fair to isolate one when all are equally as bad.
  13. Midna

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Despite how much Fox sucks, they are actually right about Video Games causing violence. Though I can never convince anyone here of that.
  14. Blaze163

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    I'm not exactly an expert on the matter but what exactly is the difference between bringing a game like this into your house and hoping your kid doesn't get funny ideas and say, buying a rifle at Walmart and hanging it on the wall in plain sight of said kid, again hoping he doesn't get any funny ideas? As I said, I'm no expert. But I'm thinking it's probably easier to kill people with a rifle than with a game box. And yet people only get up in arms about games with guns in them. Actual guns are fine. Yeah, that makes sense...

    I wonder how long it'll be before it finally becomes clear to everyone that they can't keep looking for scapegoats. Look at things like these high school murders, Columbine for example. What was the reaction? Blame it on the music they were listening to. Maralyn Manson if memory serves. Never mind the fact that they clearly had no moral guidance from their parents. No, you're right, it was the music that screwed them up. Sure. Keep telling yourself that so you can put your kids in front of the tv instead of actually raising them properly, you see what happens. Hell, I've been playing video games since I was four. I'm now 22. I've not killed anyone, turned terrorist, anything. Worst I've ever done is accidentally stolen a book from a charity store when I was 5 (it's a long story). And why is that? Because even though his work commitments kept him away from home about 90% of the time, my old man would make the time to talk to me and my brother instead of leaving us to our own devices. Take the time to actually teach your kids and you'll find the percentage of them working in McDonalds and unable to spell their own name, speaking 'street' because English is too complex, shooting up their school because they've gone bat shit crazy, will plummet. People blame video games and the like because they're too locked in their own delusions that it couldn't possibly be anything they;ve done wrong. It's pathetic.
  15. Tanas

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    Aug 19, 2006
    Thats America for you...
  16. Omega_2

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    Games do not influence people; booze can play a factor sometimes, so beer could be a terrorist in disguise, relaxing people into thinking what they want, but then again, these people would rather go swimming instead [​IMG]
    As for the 'interview'...
    They picked the wrong guy, too easy to harass.
    Fox does not deserve the title of 'News'.
    They should have been stripped of it years ago.
    Fox News borders the fascist way.
    [being sick]
    X_x; ok, g'nite.
    [being sick]
  17. triassic911

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    I wouldn't mind these news stations making stupid claims if it weren't for the fact that there are people out there who DO believe everything on tv.
  18. shakirmoledina

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    its true tht games affect ppl but its a very small minority (maybe less than 10% of which 1% take action on it so effectively less than 1%)
    Too much is done and ppl will be more hateful towards it
  19. Canonbeat234

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    I do agree what Blaze had typed, its true that some parents are lazy and stubborn to teach their kids how to deal with issues in RL. The columbine HS incident is a great example, how did the kids get the money to buy weapons and cause that problem to happen? Where were the parents when they got depressed and emo?

    It's but true, mostly its the TV, video games, and streets that are rising up the children today. That only happens if the parents don't have enough compassion to support them. Parents shouldn't be afraid of spanking their child (most African American/Jamaican parents hit their children with belts, straps due to the fact they need to be punished) only because its barbaric, that's their power to teach their children what happens if you do stupid shit without thinking! Most times it just a learning experience for the parents also, they didn't know their kids were going to shoot up a HS nor that they will do it...

    In the end, we can't even discipline other kid's outside because of bullshit nonsense like pedophile, rape, or pervert. Most times the kids are getting out of control because they know that their parents usually are the one's that bail them out all the time.
  20. prowler

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    Jul 14, 2009
    wut part of game do they not understand?

    Why don't they flame Mario?
    He jumps on goombas, that must be a federal offense