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    8GB of RAM at 1333Mhz is going to work better than 4GB at 1600Mhz, right?

    I'm taking my mother's laptop for a little while to make sure her Windows 10 update goes smoothly, and she's the type of person who'll have literally 40+ tabs open at any given time. Whenever I have to troubleshoot something I have to force-kill Chrome just to be able to move between windows. Her laptop's got an extra ram slot, and I've got about 10-12GB of extra laptop DDR3 sticks, but they're all 1333Mhz sticks. I figure the way she eats memory, having 1.5-2x the available RAM is worth more than the negligible speed boost of the lone 1600 stick, but I figured I'd ask for second opinions.
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    8GB at a slightly slower speed will work infinitely better than 4GB at a faster speed, so yes go for it!
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