1. Clairjoe

    OP Clairjoe GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 31, 2012
    United States
    Ok so i just got a SPCH 75000 model ps2 slim and i have a copy of swap magic which i have been using on my 9000 model slim which can't use FMCB. I have looked into puting FMCB on my 75000 using my swap magic disc. I have setup the usb flashdrive like it says in the tutorial and plug it in and run swap magic but right after the PS2 logo shows up showing it read the swap magic disc the ps2 then freezes before the coder screen comes up. black screen. its been on that for 20 minutes now and i am about to shut off the ps2. i have tried this with 3 different flashdrives and all the same result. please help?
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