Finally got my Gemei a330

Discussion in 'Dingoo & Gemei' started by sonknuck23, Jan 12, 2011.

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    BUT. I do have a few issues / questions.

    1. It says it supports .gba files, but when I put a .gba file in the .gba folder, I can't locate it on the system to play it.
    2. It says it supports .avi files, but when I tried to watch a .avi video, it said unsupported file format.
    3. When I try to play Marvel VS. Capcom after converting it to .cp2, it just goes black and then crashes by returning to the main system menu.

    4. When I try to plug the system into my PC WITH a MiniSD Card inside, it wont connect.

    Any idea on any of these? Oh, and also, do you know if there's any custom firmware running for the Gemei a330 and where I can get it? I'm looking everywhere and can't seem to find.

    (also, is there a Dingoo A330 as well? And if so, I'm assuming it's different than the Gemei, right?)

    Thanks in advance, guys.
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    The container format (AVI/MPG/MP4/MOV) is only part of the video's type.
    • Container
      • Video Codec
        • Resolution
        • FPS
        • Bitrate
      • Audio Codec
        • Channels
        • Sampling Frequency
        • Bitrate
    If any of those parts is "out of bounds" for a specific player, then the video file won't play on the player (or will play with a lot of issues if you try to use it in a video editor), even if it's of the correct container type. When you use a converter for a specific platform (such as for the PSP or DS or ipod) or to a specific format, it doesn't convert just the container, it formats every part of the video to certain specifications so it'll play properly, which is partially why it takes so long to convert.
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    Dingo A330 was the previous name, since it failed miserably, the name was dumped, changes were made to the hardware etc (and I think some OTHER company took the Dingo and made it a Gemei with some modifications) and Gemei A330 came to be. Atleast that's the knowledge I have.