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    Jan 2, 2011
    As anybody knows, FFVII is a three disc game. When crafting an EBOOT, I know that I could just convert each disc and access them when I need them thanks to the game allowing a save before the disc swap. My question is regarding multi-disc EBOOTS though.

    First of all, how would one go about making one?
    How well does this particular game work as a multi-disc EBOOT? I know certain games don't work so hot this way, so I have to ask.


    Edit: I feel dumb regarding the first question now, but would still love to know how well this (FFVII) works as a multi-disc EBOOT.
    Edit 2: It looks like those on earlier firmwares have gotten the game running perfectly as a multi-disc EBOOT, so I'll just roll with that. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since the exact same thing from the PSN works fine.

    In short, don't bother replying. :3
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    Depending on your firmware and such, you can get different results..

    Heres a list to help you with FFVII and any other PSX games you wish to try...


    It details how to get it to work depending on firmware and if any actions are needed to get it to run perfectally