FC30 gets an update and becomes a Wii controller

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    It's not as"clicky" or stuck in place as the SP dpad (if that makes sense). It is also not as slim or pushed down into the GBA's base as the GBASP d-pad. However, it is not as circular as the Xbox 360 pad either, which just feels like one circular disc with movement. It feels closer to a GBASP in terms of control, definitely not circular. The FC30 d-pad also pops out of the base of the controller quite a bit, like the Famicom/NES d-pad originally did, so it is very tactile in that respect.

    The devs said they set out to make it a faithful, hopeful 1:1 recreation of the original Famicom controller, to bring back that sense of joy felt when you used to pick up the original controller. They definitely nailed it, the buttons feel exactly the same as those early gen consoles, nice and solid.
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    Some games requires other controls, is it possible to customize the emulated keys?