[FAQ] Smhax - Should I update?

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    You're right, the Sony scene is like a dried up pool now (was once quite active with PS3 releases some years back, yet even that is dead now than what it used to be and generally became stale imo). The PS4 scene, if you can call it that is a mess and is full of attention twitter whores, click bait, fake news and false promises. I highly doubt anything will come of it and in time and everyone will have moved onto other consoles to play and exploit.
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    As a modder who's looking into the hacking realm, and has two Switch consoles.
    I'm searching for where to begin injection hacking on the switch.

    Of course not many resources to look after to start looking at code and making changes with 3.0.0.
    But, if it's the Devs feel that it's best to keep the normies away. Then I guess ill wait.