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    So as a moderate Fable Fan who loved the first game, was meh about the second game, and nearly vomited all over the third game, I've got a rough history with the franchise.
    Fable itself has that history of being great at first and then slowly killing itself with bugs and unessasary additions.
    So the question is, can the franchise be redeemed? Hopefully so with the latest iteration for the Xbox One coming soon, Fable Legends.

    First of all, this game is a prequel, set 400 years before the first game.

    According to wikipedia, "The game is based around five players: four heroes, and a villain. The AI controls the characters in the absence of a human player. The villain player controls the nature of the quest the hero characters embark on, such as where enemies will spawn, how aggressive they are, when the boss will come lumbering out of its lair, when to bring down an impassable portcullis or lay a trap to separate heroes from each other to thwart them. The villain earns points over time, which can be spent on units. Two of the playable heroes have been identified so far, a Prince Charming type of character, who flourishes a rapier and wise cracks, and Winter, who is focused on will-based abilities.
    Unlike other games in the series, Fable Legends is essentially a dungeon crawler, with little in the way of villager interaction, purchase of property, morphing due to alignment, etc. However, the player can customize their hero's weapons, looks, armor, abilities and more. Like many other games in the franchise, heroes can also use expressions to interact with villagers. In the hub-city of Brightlodge, players have the opportunity to partake in jobs, play mini-games and enjoy pub games. Once the player selects a quest, they are immediately sent out into the world."

    Much different from the Original iterations, but it could be a nice fit for the franchise. It's lost it's footing and could really use a pick-me-up.

    The Images of the game look lush and pretty so far, but time will tell if this is the game that will pull the franchise back up from its slump.



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  2. chrisrlink

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    cool make me want to save up for an XBOX one when it's released so basicly this features the heroes that were in the graves at the guild courtyard in number 1 I bet (minor detail but it's there if you play fable again look for them (easy to not take notice)
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    U forgot Fable the Journey... which was fun! If you like riding horses :grog:
  4. chrisrlink

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    so it seems to be a type of MMORPG cool
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    Fable the Journey not exist in your world?

    Anyway I never much liked the first game, the second was competent and I think I saw the intro to the third. However looking at the remastered version of the first it had morphed into just another game (even if I did not care for the first it was at least distinct).
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    >Xbox One exclusive
  7. Gahars

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    That sounds kind of interesting, but in execution it'll be either lackluster or a completely disastrous.

    Well, at least they captured the Molyneux spirit.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    I have absolutely no trust nor faith in this title. Lionhead has proven to be an abysmal developer that clearly lost all of its talent after the success of Fable 1.

    Not that I own an Xbone, but I will probably keep an eye on this game in the faint hope it isn't actually dreadful casual trash. It has an interesting concept (ruthlessly stolen from Dungeonland, mind you) so it could turn out good.
    But seeing how their games have been progressing I assume the game will be 99.9% AI controlled and when you reach a certain point both the heroes and the villain will press A to create a massive fireworks show that proclaims everyone the winner.
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