Fable 2 Tips (possible spoilers)

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    Fast money needs 20,000 to start. (like super ass fast think 100k+ after 5-10 mins of work)

    Wait for/sleep until the black smith in the market place is having a sale with 20k buy everything (I did this later on in the game after westcliff where the master weps were available for super fast cash) go into the Fairfax gardens and find a pistol trader and make her hate you buy doing rude gestures, the more anger the more money then just sell everything to her for a big profit.

    Max everything fairly quick
    (mostly taken from gamefaqs)

    Infinite Experience II

    Wait until your character is at least somewhat leveled up. Plug in a second controller and begin a co-op game without using a second profile. Using the second controller, go to your henchman's abilities and discard all of them, returning the experience to the pool. Then quit out of the co-op game. You should find that all the "leftover" experience has been transfered to your hero. Repeat ad nauseum. *Note: Your co-op henchman will have the same abilities that you do, so the stronger the hero the more abilities there are to sell off and thus more experience.

    But when you start it every 3 times use as much xp as you can but focus on skill and strenghts not will because its a waste of time. after about 30-45 mins you are maxed out with room to spare.

    Get the Love card at the end or no dog. dont get the money its pointless.