1. mehrab2603

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    Sep 29, 2008
    I just got this bug which has crippled my game.After escaping the cave with charlie a golden circle appears in which charlie talks to his grandmother and i am supposed to listen to it.but i accidentally got out of the circle before the conversation was over and got the rewards for the quest.but the game doesn't recognize the quest is over and now a message ''Skip Conversation'' is on top of the screen.Now the A button doesn't work at all and the game automatically saved after the quest.So every time i start the game button A doesn't work.

    I know there is an update which fixes the save game by ending this quest forcefully.But i don't have a fast enough connection to connect to live.So i am stuck here.can anyone help me?

    I have got the save file in my PC and i think the problem can be solved by hex editing it so that the game finishes this quest (like the update does).Can anyone please tell me where to hex edit in the save file?
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