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    Jun 23, 2010
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    Hi, I have had my CycloDS Evo for a longggg time now and while I see they have some problems with DSi support and the such, I have always been very happy with the support they used to offer on the Evo and its features.

    I have also had a 3-1 for just as long and LOVE playing GBA games. Although recently my 3-1's battery died and I had to open it up and replace it.
    Now every time I load up a GBA game, there are no saves and I have had no luck in getting my saves to reappear. They appear on the SD card and are the exact same files as before, and match the file names as my GBA games. I tried loading up a couple different games and they either say corrupted save data or they just don't appear at all.

    Any suggestions or help? I have backed them all up to my pc, and if need be I can finish them on my darn PC but that kinda defeats the purpose of my DS and the GBA expansion.
    Additional Info: I am 85% through Mother 3 and really want to finish it [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Try this if you haven't done it yet: copy your mother3.gba and mother3.sav files to your microSD and transfer the game to 3-in-1's NOR memory through Cyclo's menu. Then the game will load and if your save loads well too, then turn off the DS and run again the game but don't run it from Cyclo's menu anymore; do it selecting GBA cart option when you turn on your DS. This way you can play the game keeping your save in your 3-in-1's SRAM and avoiding to transfer the save file from your microSD to your 3-in-1 and viceversa everytime you play the game.
  3. But then if the SRAM battery goes bye, for whatever reason...
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