EZ5 Kernel 2.0 RC8 (8th of December 2009)

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    EZ5 Kernel 2.0 RC8 (8th of December 2009)
    Game fixes, cart fixes and GUI updates.

    After a fair few closed releases (irony noted) the EZTeam have released RC8 of the upcoming 2.0 line of EZ5 kernels (usable on all models of the EZ5).
    This version brings many highly anticipated game fixes, some cart fixes for problems (including 16 gig microSDHC cards) and some GUI tweaks.
    Officially it is a test version but the game fixes have not been backported to either of the other main kernel lines so this is the main line in all but name these days. For those just joining us or on older kernels the 2.0 line is a complete rewrite of the kernel aiming at speeding it up and improving on features.
    A full review of the EZ5i is set to appear on GBAtemp as soon as possible and our friends over at DSdatabase.org already have their reviews up (and have had them for some time) but suffice it to say unlike the much maligned term "web 2.0" this 2.0 means real improvements.

    Please note the EZTeam initially released a version but then released another version to sort a couple of last minute bugs (problems with Zelda and Professor Layton). The older version still spread to other sites though, the crc32 (it will be displayed in your extraction program) of the newest ez5sys.bin file is 5DD91830 , filetrip has had the new version from around 9am UK time this morning.


    [​IMG]EZFlash.cn forum discussion (Chinese language)
    [​IMG]EZFlash US forums thread
    [​IMG]EZFlash.cn download
    [​IMG]Filetrip mirror (thanks Hooya)

    Neither the filetrip mirror or the ezflash.cn download are bundled with the walkthrough tool (a tool to enable you to use the improved walkthrough/in game guide features of the 2.0 line) but you can find it in older versions of the kernel on filetrip or on the following link EZFlash.cn walkthrough tool download

    [​IMG]GBAtemp discussion thread

    Thanks to all that posted this in the forums and especially Hooya for sorting out a filetrip mirror.
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    Thanks for the news on GBAtemp FAST6191. [​IMG]

    Now we have the zelda ST european out, hope to expect another update soon ...
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