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Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by hakujintanuki, May 18, 2009.

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    Aug 17, 2007

    I know people ask about specific devices quite often here, but I honestly couldn't find answers to some of these questions in the review or elsewhere, so I'm hoping someone could help me out since I'd like to make a decision on buying an EZ Flash 4.

    I already have an EZ Flash 3-in-1 that I have paired with my CycloDS Evo on my DS Lite, but since it's "lite" size, I was hoping on buying the full size version of the 4 for my GBA Micro and GC GameBoy player.

    -So does anyone know if the EZ Flash 4 works on the GameBoy player on GC?

    -Would using a MiniSD in a MicroSD case work?

    if so,
    -Would using the SAME MiniSD card that I use on my Cyclo work properly if switched over to to the EZ Flash 4? (to keep saves consolidated, rather than separate)

    -is the EZ Flash 4 a good choice for what I want to do? (GBA Micro and GC GameBoy Player)

    -where is a good, reasonable place to purchase one these days/can I even find it anymore? (many sites I've checked seem to be sold out)

    Thanks a ton.
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    GB player: not a problem.

    MiniSD in microSD case? I assume you mean use a microSD in one of the miniSD adapters:
    If so yes it would.

    Same microSD: The EZ4 likes saves to be in the "save" folder and it has to be FAT16 formatted (windows just calls it FAT most of the time). Other than that you are free to do what you like. Note the cyclo supports SDHC and the EZ4 does not (no GBA slot cart supports it in meaningful way).

    Good choice: the GBA compatibility is great, any problems are from software and can be easily worked around.

    Where to buy: you got me, there are a few sites that find them dotted around their warehouses from time to time but you will have to keep looking.

    A note: an EZ4lite or EZ4lite deluxe (avoid the EZ4 lite compact aka EZ4 compact if you want GBA) will work fine if you can either mod the case to fit or otherwise be removed: my EZ4lite has been my main GBA slot cart for several years now in my GBA and original model DS).
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    Aug 17, 2007
    Thanks for your help!

    Well, the CycloDS likes to keep my GBA saves in a GBA_SAVE directory, so I guess I'll just have to make my EZ FLash 4 a different set-up. Also, I have an 8GB SDHC microSD in my Cyclo, so that's another reason.

    And sorry about the mini/micro mix up. What you said is exactly what I meant, but it was pretty late at night when I posted this message. [​IMG]

    I really hope I can find one of these. It'd be pretty sweet to have all of those GBA games (like the SNES remakes) all on one cart, always plugged into my TV. I have a NYKO retro GameCube controller, too, so it feels pretty similar to an SNES pad (with a GC button layout).

    One last question: Does it only support GBA roms? Or is it capable of playing original GameBoy and GameBoy Color roms?