EZ-Flash 3in1 problems

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Cobrabb, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Mar 18, 2010
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    I just ordered an EZ-flash 3in1 and it is not working in conjunction with my CycloDS slot 1 device. I have the latest firmware on my CycloDS.

    It just says that there is no compatible slot 2 device found. Help?


    According to this page, the CycloDS can run GBA games natively. Which basically means I bought my EZ-flash 3in1 for nothing...
    Or does it? I'm really confused, mostly because I have not been able to get my CycloDS to boot GBA games, even with the latest firmware. Does this mean I don't have the latest firmware? I put the patch in my root folder, booted it up, and it went through the update and rebooted my DS.

    Help, haha.

    I booted up CycloDS. I have 1.58 firmware installed.

    Just learned that I had to use some special software. Rudolph's something or other. Feel free to delete this thread, and I'll make another one if I still need help.

    I got it working. I guess I just need to search more before I fr33k out and make a post [​IMG]
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    The cyclods has in internal loader to run gba games like the ds games, but you still require the 3in1.

    See sig to find out what version got, if you got any of the previous versions of the 3in1 you might have to replace the battery before the cyclo can detect it.