Explosion of an Aeroplane ver 0.22

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    Explosion of an Aeroplane ver 0.22

    multiplayer aerial dogfights

    Explosion of an Aeroplane which used to go by the name of Wright flight allows players to dogfight each others via WIFI. Team Koopa Troopers has updated this game to version 0.22.


    The game:

    Dogfight in multilayer early 20th century settings. Multiplayer
    via dswifilib. This game is in its early stages, but feel free to experiment,
    and post us your comments.

    Currently you can play against other players, collide and
    destroy the level graphics, and shoot down other planes. That's
    not much, but just wait for the next version.

    How to play:

    This is the default key mapping, but you can change it from
    the key configuration menu page.

    L - Switch the layers

    B - Slow acceleration (faster turning)

    A - Fast acceleration (slower turning)

    LEFT - Turn left

    RIGHT - Turn right

    X - Machine gun

    Y - Special weapon (shown on the HUD)

    R - Change special weapons

    START - Toggle pause

    [​IMG] Explosion of an Aeroplane ver 0.22

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    ooooooohhhhhh... trying this tonight!
    Blue-O-Cult! ME-262? [​IMG]
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    This is awesome! Everything from physics to graphics is done with great detail. It's even a bit original with the whole Layers-idea. However I'd like to see some improvements. First thing that came to my mind is exchanging the controls for the machinegun and the special weapon with the L and R buttons. As of now you have to release the acceleration to shoot, which is a bummer if you want to fly and shoot at the same time. Also, the whole server buisness is kinda messy so either drive the server yourselves or implement it into the actual app. I'm not that much into wi-fi at the moment (my girlfriends house got wifi, but not my household) so just regular LAN play would be awesome if you can make it.

    Anyway thanks for a really cutesy app [​IMG]
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    Has anyone tried out the wifi yet? [​IMG]
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    Fun game to play with some friends. Had a great time with this version today [​IMG]