Experiencing several problems with No$Zoomer- please help!!

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    Jun 30, 2015
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    I downloaded no$zoomer because no$gba would not run any rom (I'd keep getting "cartloader error" warnings). I extracted everything, and exported my Heart Gold save file from my desmume (which was having sound lagging issues that I figured were because of the quality of my computer and couldn't be changed) with about 16:00 on it, and it successfully worked on no$zoomer, aside from a slight graphics lag (which is part of my problem). Shortly after I had a problem with my computer so I had to restore it. I loaded everything onto my USB except my rom file (which I forgot) and once I recovered my system and loaded my save files onto it, I realized my emulators would not open the roms. I downloaded a fresh copy of the rom and desmume was able to load my save file, however no$zoomer could not. I'm honestly not sure why this is.

    So 2 problems: tried exporting HG save file to no$zoomer, even after uninstalling and reinstalling no zoomer, and it would give me a cartloader warning (bad header checksum) and wouldn't open the rom

    When No$Zoomer does play a rom, the sound works perfect, but the graphics lag. This is the opposite compared to desmume, which has constant sound lag except in menu and in battles, however occasional graphics lag. I decided no$zoomer was the superior emulator, which is why I'd prefer to use it.